How to Organize Your Home: 3 Effective Tips

Organize Your Home: 3 Effective Tips

Did you know that scientific studies have found that clutter has a very real negative effect on a person’s overall wellbeing? While some enjoy having a sliver of chaos in their home, even the most clutter-tolerant people struggle with a home overrun with junk.

Unfortunately, you can’t deal with clutter with the snap of your fingers. However, it’s possible to break down the home organization process into bite-sized pieces.

Organization specialists have developed plenty of hacks to make the process easier. But if you’re new to decluttering, can you really learn how to organize your home on your own?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to learn three of the best cleaning tips and our favorite home storage ideas!

1. Make It Easy

Maintaining a tidy home can seem extremely daunting, which is why many of us often end up with monstrous messes that seem impossible to organize. With so much chaos, it’s hard to know where to begin.

When you make a task unnecessarily hard, it’s impossible to accomplish. Make organizing easy by tackling it chunk by chunk.

Create a schedule that maps out when you’ll clean each area of your home. Once you’ve decluttered all the areas, create a more simple schedule that you can follow weekly or monthly to maintain the tidiness.

Another way to make it simpler is by having a constant supply of cleaning and organizing supplies. After all, if you have to run out to the store for storage bins or dust rags, it’s easy to forgo the organizing plan altogether.

2. Build Creative Storage Spaces

Organizing a home becomes much easier when you have plenty of storage space. However, clunky storage units are eyesores, and they’re often less accessible than more open furniture and storage units.

Instead of filling your garage with dull storage units, find creative ways to store your most-used items. One of the simplest ways to do this is by finding empty wall space.

Floating shelves are a trendy way to store items, and they work especially well for cute knickknacks that you have no other home for. They’re incredibly easy to make on your own as long as you have shelf brackets, a shelf base, and a bit of free time.

Take advantage of doors by installing hooks for coats, towels, hats, etc. You can even get over-the-door organizers to hold small things like shoes or toiletries.

3. Make a Decluttering a Habit

A deep clean can feel invigorating. However, you can’t truly learn how to organize your home by simply doing a clean sweep every six months. To prevent future buildup, it’s important to create healthy organizational habits that you can practice every day.

One simple way to keep your home free of clutter is by implementing a transfer system. Each time you buy a new item, get rid of an item you already own. This not only forces you to keep your home clean but will also help you realize what items are most important to you.

It also can give you time to reflect on whether you really want that new item. Plus, it’s a great way to donate to community thrift stores and give your unused items a new home!

Learn How to Organize Your Home Like a Pro

There’s no masterclass on how to organize your home, especially since every home is unique. However, with the tips above, you’ll become an expert in home organization and learn how to get rid of clutter like a pro!

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