How to not get deceived by the surrogacy clinics

As surrogacy is an important topic and has been debated for many years, however, along with the positive side of surrogacy, you also need to be aware of the negative sides as you may get fooled by the higher authorities who run these clinics. Some clinics have their own opinion to questions of a surrogacy and leihmutterschaft in Deutschland.

Aside from that, some couples fall into the trap of the agencies and may lose their money. Additionally, this leads to having left without money and a child. So you have to be very cautious when you are looking for surrogacy clinics. Apart from that, there is a company named Biotex which became popular due to scandals in Italy and Ukraine. We will discuss it in detail in this article.

Also, there is a lot of information available on the internet regarding this scandal.

Aside from that, surrogacy is quite popular these days and it is surely a blessing from God’s side. It is the infertile couples can also have their baby. Besides that, many people are opting in Ukraine to get the surrogacy procedure done. Even more, the price of surrogacy in Ukraine is way lower than these prices attract the foreign customers and they come to get this procedure done from Ukraine.

Additionally, with this popularity, several agencies take advantage of innocent people, and this way they lose all their hard-earned money and also have no child in the end.

The scandal of Biotex company

There is a major and the most popular scandal that broke out in Italy and Ukraine. However, there are always two sides to the story. There is a different story from the company’s side and also a different story from the side of the couple. Apart from that, a child was born in Ukraine through surrogacy and that child was not recognized in Italy. Ultimately, the child was placed in an orphanage which is unbelievable. On the other hand, when it came to the DNA, it surprisingly did not match the DNA of the father as according to the terms and conditions, the father’s sperm was supposed to take part in the procedure so that the baby has a biological link with the child. Besides that, the company is sued and further investigation has been made to resolve the matter. Furthermore, criminal proceedings are also made. The story behind the scene is that the company bought the child from a family that had a low income and then gave it to the couple in Italy and the couple believed that it was their child.

Besides that, this is not the only issue that people face from this company. However, there are other issues too because there are many negative reviews about the company too, but nobody can say what the reality is.

Cost of surrogacy

There are different costs associated with surrogacy in different countries. However, surrogacy is different in every country. Furthermore, people have to pay prices as per the terms of the particular country from where they are getting the procedure done. In addition to this, surrogacy in Ukraine is very cheap. These cheap rates do not mean that they provide adequate services to their customers. As we all know, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, and people from different European countries come to Ukraine to get surrogacy done. The majority of the women from low incomes families become surrogate mothers to live a good life and fulfill their basic needs. In addition to this, the cost of surrogacy in other European countries is way higher than in Ukraine. However, was kostet eine leihmutter is various for EU countries. You get superior quality service with a guarantee of the birth of a healthy child. 

Also, it is not that easy to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine as you have to go through a lot of questions and tests to qualify for the role of a surrogate mother.

However, if you are planning to get surrogacy done from the USA then you must have a lot of money in your bank account because all of it may get drained for getting surrogacy done from the USA.

Aside from that, there are so many hidden costs that you have to pay if you get this process down from the USA.

Reproductive services are of a high standard in the USA, therefore they charge a hefty amount.

Surrogate mothers in the US have to live in a clean and healthy environment so that the baby which is born is safe and healthy.

Aside from that, if one IVF attempt does not work for you and you don’t get pregnant, you have to pay again for the same procedure which is not fair. Anyway services of leihmutterschaft in USA has very good quality of medicine. Recently there have been changes in the law. Earlier, Trump froze the issuance of passports to children of foreigners born in the United States. The new administration of President Biden is meeting halfway and has opened the issuance of US passports to children born in the United States.

Final words

Surrogacy has different facts associated when it comes to different countries. Surrogacy is not the same in every country and rules regarding surrogacy are different in every country. 

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