How To Measure With Ring Sizer Chart

The ring sizer chart is one of the most important tools that you can use to get your finger size and also help adjust your ring size for future use. This article will explain how to use this tool and also provide tips on measuring your existing rings to determine what size it is quickly.

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How can a ring sizer chart give an accurate size?

If you purchase a ring before finding out if it’s a proper fit for you, it may not fit well. Look at the ring size chart and compare your fingers to those on the chart or use another piece of paper. You can quickly determine whether or not this ring will fit comfortably on most of your fingers and then return it if it doesn’t!

How to measure your ring size with an existing ring?

You can use this method if you have an existing ring that fits. Measure the inside diameter of your fingers and compare it to the chart:

    • For a woman: Measure around your ring finger at the base of where her knuckle starts. This is where she generally wears most of her rings.
    • For a man: Measure around his index finger at its base (not where it curves).

How to measure with a ring sizer chart with no ring?

You can use a ring sizer chart to find your ring size. It’s very simple: place the string or paper strip with the sizer on your finger and measure its diameter with a ruler. If your measurement is between sizes, e.g., if it’s smaller than average but larger than small, go up one size. If it’s bigger than average but smaller than large, go down one size.

    • Please measure the circumference of your finger at its widest point with a ruler or tape measure. This will be about 1/4 inch wider than average. Use this measurement as a reference to determine which size on our chart would best fit your ring size. The more accurate method would be buying a new ring that fits perfectly around your chosen finger size so that it doesn’t slip off during daily activities.
    • If none of these options work for you, then there’s always going back home with an old one until next time!

Why is the ring sizer chart important?

The ring sizer chart is important because it helps you choose the correct size ring for your finger. Therefore, you should use a ring sizer chart to find the right size. This chart shows how many millimeters, or mm, each finger is. 

For example, if you have a ring that needs to go on your left ring finger, then you’ll need to measure the length of that finger from the tip of your little finger to your knuckle. Then, using this information and the measurements given on your ring sizer chart, you can find out what ring size is best for you! It’s especially useful for jewelers who want to ensure their customers’ rings are the right size before buying them.


Here we have told you about the ring sizer chart. We hope you find this post useful in finding the correct ring size. It is easy to read and understand the ring sizer chart, but if you want a more accurate measurement, you may need to buy an actual ring sizer.

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