How to Make Your Work as a Nurse More Fun—and Why It’s so Important

People may never understand. As a nurse you’re not only tired beyond measure but you also have a lot to cope with. Cantankerous patients and those who are likely to pass away. You may get tired. You may make mistakes. At times, it’s vital for you to just let your hair down.

You may consider ways to have fun outside of the hospital or clinic, or within the wards. Both impact your work as a nurse. So, whether it is a vacation or playful scrub tops, we are going to discuss the very important topic of how to make your job more fun.

Outside of Work

A good start to having fun at work is to have fun outside of it. Finding ways to enjoy yourself when you are off duty will fuel your ability to take more delight in what’s done within hospital or clinic walls.

Build Interesting Activities into Your Day

When you’re at home, you can ensure you’re doing interesting activities apart from house chores. For example, gardening is actually one of the best ways to make sure you’re keeping your spirits up. The soil contains properties that help relieve depression. You’re also outside in the fresh air, which is healthy and you’re watching things grow, which will make you feel productive. 

Go on Vacation

Going on holiday is one of the best means of helping you to cut off any remaining negativity from work, or to recover from an event that has been particularly traumatic. It gives you a new perspective, and the physical distance helps you find something other than the negative occurrence to think about. 

Make Regular Time for Fun

Make time for activities that you relish. Plan some time with friends at the pub or carve out some time for games with the family. Even the after-work social at a coffee-bar can be a place where you unwind with colleagues and get to know a different side of them.

Make Sure Your Home Life is Both Relaxing and Exciting

Create space for time where you can relax or laugh ecstatically. Riding a bike, reading or watching a movie with your spouse or significant other – all of these can calm our brains. 

Making the Job More Fun Inside the Working Environment

Then of course you want to bring fun and lightness into your work environment. 

Cheerfulness Makes Everything More Pleasant

A positive attitude and cheerfulness go a long way to making life more pleasant in any hospital environment. In addition, it will have a good impact on your patients. Cheerfulness helps you handle the bad moments and process the sad events with some open mindedness, so they don’t overwhelm you.

Wear More Colourful Clothes

In some work environments you may be able to change what you wear. You can certainly advocate for it if you’re not allowed to currently. Especially if you work in a children’s ward, a scrub top with playful pictures on helps bring brightness to a child’s life—and yours. 

Even a brighter stripe may help to perk up a uniform. 

If you’re not allowed to decide on your own outfit, it’s a good cause to advocate for it. Visual impulses can have a huge influence on how others see you and it determines how you feel about yourself.

Decorate the Nurses Station with Plants 

You may have limited options to decorate your nurses’ station there’s probably not a lot of unused space. If you are able to, then do so by adding greenery in the space available. Plants can increase the oxygen during the daytime and makes the place more aesthetically pleasing. 

There may be some issues with watering and feeding, given the shifts that nurses work. However, if you make it a project everyone supports by watering when on duty, your little green plants will thrive. 

Just make sure you pick plants that won’t affect anyone’s allergies passing by.

Have Games or Puzzles Available During Quiet Times

There are times when on duty that you aren’t very busy, especially when on night duty. Make sure that you take the time to relax for example by playing board-games or paper games with other nurses. These can be easily left if you need to attend to a patient, but it keeps your mind active and alert.

Some hospitals ban games, and it’s best to ban addictive games, such as Mobile Phone apps. However, some work environments encourage nurses to keep themselves busy in productive ways, and a game is ideal for those times.


Find some books to read when those downtimes hit. Whether you’re on a break or it’s merely quiet, reading is a very healthy activity for the brain. It stimulates and relaxes.


The ability to find ways and means of having fun at work vary, but you’ll agree that it is an essential part of a nurse’s job. It will enable you to thrive more as an individual and when on duty, taking you one step closer to enjoying balance in work and at home. 

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