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How to make a home for the elderly

Building a house รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี for your elderly , there should be a full range of facilities. In order to be convenient in daily life, safety in various aspects must also be considered. It is important as well. The elderly have differences in health.

different individual problems Some of you may still be able to live a normal life. Some of you have health problems but enough to help yourself. Some of you may not be able to help yourself and need a caregiver or special medical device.

Adjust the space to suit the elderly

1. Choose non-slip flooring materials, wooden floors, rubber tiles, etc. and should not have different areas.

2. The door of the room should be large and at least 70 centimeters wide to be enough for support or support accessories such as crutches, wheelchairs, or wheel chairs.

3. The door style is a sliding door. to facilitate easy opening and closing There was no ejection problem and it didn’t take much effort to open it.

4. The window should be at least 50 centimeters in size to make the room airy, open, comfortable and able to see the outside atmosphere easily, making the elderly feel relaxed.

5. The table in the room of the elderly should be at least 60 centimeters high so that they can sit in a wheelchair for easy handling.

6. The elderly bed should have a height of at least 40-50 cm. to be able to sit up comfortably and safely

7. The mattress should be slightly larger than the bed. so that the mattress can cover the edge of the bed not to be injured while sitting or supporting including in the event of an accident in the slip It will help reduce shock well if it touches the edge of the bed itself.

8. Chair should be chosen as a chair with backrest and armrests to allow the elderly to sit up well. support

9. Brightness in the room It may be used as an automatic system or has a switch in the same location for the whole room so that the elderly can turn it on and off by themselves. and choose to use Warm White light to protect the eyes

10. Walkway bathroom or entrance wall different floor There should be handrails for the elderly to use to support themselves easily.

11. Emergency bell device or a distress signal Installed at the head of the bed and bathroom for the elderly to be alerted when need help

12. The slope is about 1 meter high and 12 meters long (1:12), depending on the size of the area. so that the elderly do not have to walk up the stairs But using the ramp to ride a wheelchair is more convenient enough.

The right size of each room for the elderly

Bathroom should not be less than 1.50-2 meters to be wide enough for wheelchairs to be able to move in and out comfortably. Shower area should have a seat for showering. Or the toilet should have a steel rail to make it easier for the elderly to get up and sit. prevent accidents

The bedroom should have an area of ​​at least 12-16 square meters.

Health and safety with high technology

Good physical health must come with comfort.

Health-loving trend is hot. especially the elderly that sees the value of being healthy as a top priority by housing It is another factor that plays a role in building physical health. and good mental health to the elderly as well because it is an area where the elderly spent the most time with each day

Therefore, the selection of the project which are designed under the concept of creative health and the well-being of the residents Taking into account the actual use Both the design of the interior space to support the elderly who want to walk and exercise in the area of ​​their home There is a common area for exercise. and green spaces that provide shade and support other health activities in the community

while at present real estate developer has turned to cooperate with the hospital or health center to increase health care services or medical services in the project as well. It can be called a residential development. to meet the needs of creative physical health and good mental health interestingly And it’s an option that should be considered for families with seniors.

Enhanced Security with Home Solutions

The trend of the number of elderly people continues to increase. As a result, entrepreneurs turn your attention and housing development To accommodate this group of consumers more, there is a project designed to be a home for the elderly. with real understanding Whether it is the bedroom design for the elderly to have privacy and well ventilated or bring various innovative home solutions to help facilitate the elderly can have a smooth home life and help prevent the dangers of accidents in the home

For example, floor coverings with shock-absorbing materials. To help reduce the severity of injury in the event of a fall Design of handrails in the bathroom Railing on both sides or different floors in the house for balance and walking more stable Make a ramp for wheelchairs to enter the house. or designed to allow the bathroom door to open outside In the event of someone falling blocking the inner door, etc.

Safe and secure with a smart home system

The growth of smart home trends that apply technology to support the residents Can control various systems of the house through voice commands or from applications. Help raise the level of security for homes such as digital door locks. or installing a CCTV camera that supports online viewing and can be viewed retrospectively via a smartphone Help seniors who care about their belongings and are stuck at home, relieve their worries when they have to be away from home.

smart home system It also helps to save more costs. especially in the elderly who often have symptoms of forgetfulness You can choose to control the on-off of lights or electrical appliances in the condo through your smartphone at any time. even running errands outside You can press check to see the lighting system. for immediate sure

to increase investment in the future

housing needs of the elderly It is not focused on living alone. Because it’s not the first home. But there is a long-term plan. by looking for a place to live that meet the needs of family living as well as having the potential to be further invested in the future

You see, building a house for people of each age group is very important. If we pay more attention to details Our homes will be safe and easily suitable for families of all ages.

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