How to Look Thinner in Swimsuit Without Trimming Any Extra Pound

Going to the beach is both exciting and frustrating to many women. Wearing a sexy swimsuit excites them, but when they try it, the frustration begins. Buying a new one can be daunting, too, especially for designer swimsuits, as most of these swimsuits are not designed for all body sizes.

Trimming that extra pound is not easy and takes ages. Fortunately, some swimsuits are designed to hide those love handles, and you can find some amazing options from Tigerlily. Moreover, here are some amazing tips on how to rock a swimsuit, trimming your extra pound.

Your body’s features

Each body is different, and for sure, you have a body feature that you want to hide, especially when wearing a swimsuit. But, moreover, you have body features that you want to flaunt, so focus on these features and choose swimwear to accentuate these best features.

So, before you visit an online or a physical store, look at your body and see which part you want to show off.

Dark colours

Dark colours have a slimming effect, particularly the navy-blue hues and black are best to cut a few pounds. Choose the one with fashion-forward styles and shape, and you will surely spice things up. Also, you can look for pieces with cut-outs that can add a little sexiness to your ensemble.

Choose wraps and cover-ups

Choose a stylish wrap or cover-up that matches your swimsuit to achieve a sexy but casual style. Moreover, this style is more slimming than wrapping your waist in a beach towel or wearing an old t-shirt.

Ruffles, bright solids and colour blocking

These designs can draw the eyes right where you want to draw away their attention from the features you want to hide. Strategically placing ruffles and nets can enhance your bust size, keeping the eyes away from your love handles.

Small patterns and splashy prints

Big prints can make you look big too. With this in mind, try wearing a swimsuit with smaller patterns or vibrant prints like polka dots that can make you look thinner effortlessly.


Stripes and zig-zags can make an illusion and cover the areas that you want to hide. Moreover, it allows you to mix and match various swimwear for more styles.

Plunging necklines

If you want to show some skin but can’t wear a two-piece bikini, choose bodysuits with a flattering fit and plunging neckline. This swimwear is almost as sexy as bikinis but is more comfortable to wear.

Ruched fabric

If you want to cover some parts of your body, you can streamline your silhouette by choosing swimsuits with ruched fabric. This material can make your waist and torso look thinner.

Bonus tips:

Fix your hair

One of the easiest ways to look slimmer is by wearing your hair up. Put them in a bun, and you are good to go.

Wear a hat

Wearing a hat is also one of the best ways to take the eyes away from the body parts you want to hide. Aside from being an awesome fashion accessory, it can also protect your skin from the heat of the sun.

Don’t let that extra pound keep you from enjoying the beach! Instead, check Tigerlily and choose some swimsuits that can flaunt your best features.

By following these tips, you should look gorgeous in your swimwear without the effort of losing some weight.

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