How to land a Data Scientist job at your dream company — My journey to Airbnb

We simply started my job that is new at as a information scientist a month ago, and We still believe I’m too lucky to be here. Nobody understands simply how much I wanted to join this company I had my iPhone wallpaper set being a photo of me standing while watching Airbnb logo; we used for positions at Airbnb four times, but only heard straight back from the recruiter into the last time— I had images of Airbnb office stuck in front side of my desk… In the past, when people asked me, “Which company do you want to work for probably the most?” I dare not to imply “Airbnb” because when I stated that, they responded to me, “Do you discover how people that are many to get results there? How numerous of those ultimately got in? Think about it, be realistic.” The result shows that absolutely nothing is impossible. Since many of my buddies asked me to generally share about my job search experience, I think it may possibly be useful to compose it down and share with people.

Road to data science

I would personally simply use for a few roles and receive a lot of offers as you most likely can see through the data, I’m not a strong candidate because, otherwise. Yes, I used to be super poor; I was once the kind or type of candidates that are wasting interviewers’ time. But you are becoming.“who you had been months ago doesn’t matter, what matters is who”. A bit that is little my background, I obtained a Bachelor’s level in Economics from a university in China and a Master’s level in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduated, we worked as a Data Encryption analyst for two years, with 7 months as a contractor at Google, and another 1 4 months at a startup year. Might work was mostly about composing SQL queries, building dashboards, and provide tips which can be data-driven. After realizing we left my job and applied for Galvanize Data Science Immerse program, which is a 12-week boot camp in San Francisco that I ended up being maybe not learning and growing needlessly to say. I failed the statistics interview to enter the training program for 4 times, got admitted after taking the statistics interview for the time that is fifth. The content taught at Galvanize was hefty on Python and machine learning, and they assume you already have foundation that is strong statistics. Unsurprisingly, I struggled a lot at first, we strong in statistics because I didn’t know much about programming, nor was. No option was had by me but to work really hard. No entertainment, no dating, nothing else but significantly more than 12 hours study every day inside my time at Galvanize, we had no break. And I got much convenient using the courses later in. However, I still embarrassed myself for uncountable times in interviews when I first started the working job search process. Since the gap between a data that is real and I also had been so huge that even though we was hardworking, the 12-week study was not even close to enough to make a profession transformation. So I applied, interviewed, failed, applied once again, interviewed again, failed again. Sprintzeal The thing that is good, each time I got to learn one thing new, and became a little bit stronger.


Know everything you want, set your goal, work really hard to accomplish this goal, and settle for less never.

Growth mindset, it’s vital (take a look at this growth mindset animation video about it) for those who haven’t heard. Don’t say “I’m not good at coding,” “I’m not good at stats”. It’s not about skill. Don’t use “talent” to describe others as an excuse for your laziness. What you need is to learn in the way that is right and practice many times until you’re good.

Take note of all the meeting concerns you have asked, especially those relevant questions you neglected to answer. You can fail again, but don’t fail at the spot that is same. You should be improving and learning.

Discuss concerns you don’t understand with other people when possible. I really appreciate the help from my other classmates and instructors at Galvanize, individuals were very willing and supportive to greatly help each other.

Get to neighborhood information technology meetups, join data science learning groups, link with people in industry, send an email that is personalized you are attempting to relate genuinely to strangers on LinkedIn… Expand your network up to possible, you don’t know which one will open a door for you.Sometimes, the total result is a combination of luck and planning, and you’re not lucky this time. Don’t always credit failure to yourself being negative.

This is all the information you need to know about data science interview questions to land a job at your dream company.

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