How to fight oily hair

You look at the clock, and naturally, you are running late so you have to rush with your lifeless and limp, even though you just washed them yesterday. You step on the subway with the greasy hair pulled back, and wistfully gaze at the woman next to you, with lush, soft, non-greasy mane. 

If this is something that you can relate with, if your struggles with greasy hair are getting to you, then read on to find yourself interventions to help with the problem of greasy hair fiasco. 

Fighting oil hair

Before looking at the remedies, it is important to understand why your hair becomes oily. Our scalp skin contains sebaceous glands that produce oil. People with oily hair then have active oil glands. 

The secretion is guided by mainly genetics, as the Best Skin specialist in Lahore will also tell you, but your hair type matters as well. Hormones and habits also play a role. While you cannot change some factors, there are some facets that you can figure out to give yourself cleaner hair for longer. 

Moderate the washing frequency 

The hair-washing cycle is a vicious one; the more you wash your hair, the more frequently will they become oily. This often happens when you are using a harsh shampoo as it strips the oil off your scalp, signaling the glands that more is needed. 

Hence, try to figure out the best washing frequency for you. The longer you let them be, the longer your glands will be attuned to moderate their oil levels. Unfortunately, for some people, they still might have to wash their hair every day.

Your choice of shampoo

Your choice of shampoo plays a pivotal role. The ones with a lot of chemicals and sulphates are naturally not good for your scalp. So, try to shift to better alternatives that are paraben, silicone and sulphate frees. 

How you wash matters 

Make sure that you wash your hair properly; work out the lather on the shampoo properly. Also, the purpose of shampoo is to clean your scalp, and if you focus on the tips of your hair, then you are doing it wrong. 

Likewise, do not use your nails to massage the shampoo in, as that leads to damage to the scalp. Instead, softly massage the product using the pads of your fingers. Also, make sure that you completely remove the product. 

When applying the conditioner, focus on the tips. If you leave it in the roots, then you are promoting limp and lifeless hair. 

Change your hairstyle 

Your hairstyle may also be behind the frequent greasiness. If you have to touch your hair too often, as is the case with complicated updos, then you are contributing towards your hair getting greasy. Even ponytail promotes accumulation of hair oil. So, try to keep it simple. 

Have you tried dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a quick way to make your hair look less greasy. Although they may change the appearance, but the texture of the hair will not change, which is why it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Perhaps try natural remedies 

Apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, green tea, witch hazel and honey are some natural remedies that can be of help as well. 

Clean thy brush 

Your hairbrush also needs to be cleaned often and properly, as the products from your scalp can get accumulated therein, and when you use it, are deposited on your scalp and hair

Visit the doctor 

There are certain conditions that can also increase your propensity towards getting oily hair. One such problematic and common condition is dry scalp to counter which your sebaceous glands might go into overdrive. 

Similarly, yeast and the resultant dandruff can also cause your hair to turn greasy. If your scalp is not healthy, you can also consult your Skin specialist in Karachi for effective treatments. 

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