How To Create Your Own Luxury Magazine

Getting a magazine off the ground is difficult, but once you find your rhythm and flow, the rest falls into place. A magazine is a creative project that requires the right inspiration. This helps conceptualize your idea by showing you different visual and design styles, whether you’re creating a physical or digital magazine. From designing knockout magazine covers and crafting contents pages that punch, take a look at some tips on creating your own luxury magazine.

Find inspiration.

Browse through a variety of different types of magazines and look for inspiration. Comb through the magazine pages and take note of the pages that jump out at you. Keep tabs on the pages that inspire you and make a note as to why you’re inspired. Once you find a page that truly makes an impression, you need to understand how it was designed. Every magazine page consists of a few main components. These include solid-colored shapes for bodies of text, a heading, a subheading, body text in legible fonts, an image, patterned backgrounds, and added design elements and details.

Don’t be shy with your cover designs.

The magazine cover is what catches a reader’s eye and encourages them to pick up the issue. Without an impactful magazine cover design, your brand will struggle to stand out, and you won’t be selling many issues. You don’t need a brash, over-the-top cover design to grab attention. Balance strong headers and sub-headings with simple graphics and calls to action that subtly draw attention.

Follow the ABC rule to create impactful magazine covers. Stick with one heading (the magazine title), one strong sub-heading (the main article), and a selection of smaller sub-headings. Following the ABC rule gives balance to the layout of your cover design. Strong headings paired with simple photos and areas of white space result in an aesthetically pleasing yet graphically bold magazine cover.

The smart way to create your own magazine cover is to take advantage of a free, professionally designed magazine cover template. Lucidpress offers a huge collection of cover templates in a range of designs and styles. Once you find a template that matches your content and purpose, you can customize it with your personal details. A design template allows you to create a professional-looking magazine cover without breaking your budget. You can customize design elements such as fonts and case sizes for legibility, color palette, logo, and more. Using a cover template ensures a consistent magazine that always catches the right attention.

Perfect your contents page.

The contents page should be functional and provide clear navigation of the magazine’s sections and articles. The contents page is like a map, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and creative with it. Depending on the amount of content in your magazine, you’ll need one or two contents pages that present information without being restrictive. A great contents page design features an exciting grid layout that allows you to tastefully arrange images and text.

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Creating a magazine that sells requires an aesthetically pleasing cover that draws the eye. A catchy cover encourages readers to explore your contents page and discover what your magazine has to offer.

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