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How To Be Better Prepared For Your Periods

Decades ago in Australia, it was really hard for women to open up about these issues as they were either considered as personal matters or because there was a considerable lack of adequate resources where people could look this up. But, nowadays, even doctors and wellness sites give free advice online on what type of period underwear to buy or the different types of problems that can follow a menstrual cycle.

With such resources, society and the community are more open nowadays regarding these topics, and many of Australia’s young adults are properly informed on these matters. Moreover, even the Australian government is looking for ways to improve the availability of such resources for women all over the country, reducing what women empowerment groups commonly refer to as “period poverty”.

Although the process is a tad painful to experience, the process can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who are starting. This is not to mention the hormonal inconstancy that can occur during or after undergoing periods.

Nevertheless, this article highlights the necessary things to do to make the experience more comfortable.

Self Care Is The First Priority

A shift in emotions is a common experience associated with a cycle, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Practising self-care can reduce the influence of such changes to a significant degree and even elevate the hormones to boost mood and relaxation.

Ticking off the first step towards self-care, always remember to eat the right stuff. Why? Because hormonal changes following a cycle can cause cravings for sugar, one may find themselves munching down bagels, chocolates, or cookies.

Health specialists recommend reducing the intake of such sugar consumables as it can make the hormones go haywire, crashing the hormonal levels. Instead, drink plenty of water and eat food filled with fibre, healthy fats and protein. Foods rich in vitamins and iron can also be included in the diet as menstrual cycles reduce their levels in the body.

Keeping Exercise a Regular Routine

While some women may argue that staying active during periods is never a good idea, certain doctors say otherwise. Although one shouldn’t go all out on these exercises, doing them at a much slower pace can benefit.

Yoga is also another good way of keeping the body active and helps reduce the stress levels that follow a cycle. A good workout can reduce the estrogen levels in a body and progesterone, attributing to more energy followed by an increase in the level of endorphins that boost the mood.

Expecting the Unexpected

Although some cycles remain fixed for women, others can vary by a day or two, and it’s better to be prepared beforehand. Using period underwear can help as it does away with tampons and pads, and it’s environmentally friendly too.

There are other products available that people can look into that effectively combat leaks during the early days of their periods or exercises. The important message here is to stock up on all the essentials, so there won’t be a need to rummage for supplies when the time comes.

Reducing the Pain

A hot shower or a hot bath can do wonders in reducing the pain during cramps. A heating pad isn’t a bad option either and can help with relaxing the muscles and reduce soreness. Don’t forget to cut down on caffeine, alcoholic beverages and tobacco during the cycle.

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