How should a beginner start learning Quran online?

Learning Quran is the primary obligation for all Muslims to get Allah’s bliss and affection as Holy Quran is the sacred book revealed on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for the guidance of all Muslims. It’s the message of Allah in the form of advice and the right path to living life on Earth. Therefore, Muslims learn Quran in their childhood. But in foreign countries, Quran Madrassas are few and far off due to most non-muslim people.

So, Muslim parents prefer online Quran teachers to teach their kids Quran at home. Kids are blank and beginners; they don’t know how to learn Quran online. If you want to see your kids learn Quran online and don’t know how to get started, don’t worry! Stay carefree with us because we’ve come up with a Beginner’s guide of learning the Quran online for kids. Let’s focus!

Prerequisites of learning Quran online for beginners

1. Arrange any device

For online Quran classes, students must have a device such as laptops, computers, or tablets on which they will take an online class. The device must be reliable to avoid any interruption during the live course.

2. Broadband internet

Your device must be connected with a broadband internet connection so that your kids never miss any single point about Quran lessons during the live class. Therefore, we recommend having a good Internet connection on your device.

3. Microphones & Speakers

Microphones and speakers are essential for listening and asking any question to your teacher during class. As online Quran classes are held via audio or video that it’s necessary to have good microphones.

How to take online Quran classes?

It’s effortless to take online Quran classes. Complete all the above requirements for taking online courses. If your kids don’t know how to use the computer to take Quran class, don’t worry! Our online Quran Academy has cooperative Quran teachers who guide all students about taking online Quran classes utilizing the device.

  1. After completing all the above requisites at home:
  2. Create an account on your teacher’s recommend apps such as Skype/Zoom or others.
  3. First of all, download Skype, which frees to download.
  4. Sign up by giving some contact information and create your account.
  5. Share this account ID with your Quran teacher.

He will add you and call you to start class at your decided timing.

Method of online Quran classes

When it’s time to online Quran class, the teacher usually calls, either audio or video, on Skype,e and students receive that call. Usually, teachers listen and discuss some critical points about previous Quran lessons online in the first five minutes; After that, the teacher starts delivering the following speech by sharing the book on screen, which both teacher and student see.

Besides, students can ask any question and apparent confusion about Quran lessons. Usually, online class duration is 30 to 60 minutes which is enough for better learning Quran Online. Our online Quran Academy provides One-on-one Quran classes in which a single teacher teaches Quran to a single student.

Wrap Up

Overall, the methods and prerequisites of learning Quran online for beginners are not complex. Instead, kids can learn how to take online classes on Skype or another international app. Besides, our Quran teachers are so communal and polite in guiding students to learn the Quran online. Stay carefree about online Quran learning for your kids. Get registered now!

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