How do you use a PDF editor?

When you need to write on pdf online, it is possible to use different editors. The choice depends on what functions it should perform. There are online tools that are used primarily for reading and viewing PDF files. You can also find a wide range of editors that allow you to change and convert files. 

How to add, change and format text

The Acrobat tool is excellent for these functions. When adding text to a pdf file, you can use different font attributes. The same can be selected when editing content in a pdf file. The font is usually specified by default, but if it is not the case, you can select a backup font that is designed for a specific character set.

This tool uses the default Minion Pro font, which is designed to be a Roman font. You can get familiar with the font options in the Edit Content section. Typically, the following suggestions are available in this section:

  • backup font for editing;
  • default font for added text;
  • font size.

Before choosing a pdfescape software editor, you need to familiarize yourself with the available features. 

Editing text  

With the help of edit a pdf online, it is possible to edit text without having to install a program. Text editing consists of replacing, changing content, or deleting certain elements. This process involves changing the text. You can move paragraphs and replace text boxes, no matter how they are arranged. Inserting in one block results in a change to the original appearance of the text. To edit, it is necessary to follow the instructions:

  • in the Tools tab, click the Edit button;
  • load the file you need to edit and use the desired functions;
  • save the file in the desired format.

With this editor you can convert pdf to word and other formats. Adobe Acrobat is one of the best editors among active players. In addition, there is a free version that you can use for 7 days. Since it was Adobe that created the PDF files, this editor is considered one of the best. In the paid version, you can convert, edit, convert and merge pdf documents.

To change the text, you need to select the necessary elements and delete them using the Delete button. If it is necessary , you can use the rotation marker, which is located at the top of the selected text. 

Elements can be controlled by using the bulleted and numbered lists that you can select. There is also an option to combine pdf. You can choose different options for creating list items, changing paragraphs or turning paragraphs into specific lists and vice versa. You can turn one list into another.

Items can be managed with marked and numbered lists, which you can select the format. It is also possible to combine pdf. You can choose different options for creating list items, changing paragraphs, or turning paragraphs into specific lists and vice versa. You can turn one list into another and you can choose not only the font but also its size and other parameters that are necessary for the formatting of the text content. The tool also offers additional formatting options, among which you can choose from:

stroke thickness;

  • stroke thickness;
  • color;
  • letter spacing;
  • line spacing.

Before how to compress a pdf, make sure that the editor supports the features you need. Choose the best tool for working with PDF files that offers all the features.

Many programs have free versions that you can familiarize yourself with before installing them on your device. Keep in mind that the choice of editor depends on how long you will need to work with your documents. Also, think about what features you will need. There are editors that are only for reading and viewing information. To be able to pdf splitter, edit and convert, you will need a paid tool. 

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