How do we choose these suppliers?

Choosing a supplier is a crucial process in the clothing wholesale business. This depends on numerous factors similar as quality, trustability, character, cost, stable force, service, uproariousness and newness of styles, and the capability to give new products. These factors will greatly affect your unborn deals.

Before choosing a clothing supplier, it’s always wise to establish certain criteria to make the selection process easier. When choosing a supplier, we considered the following factors.

competitive price

For all businesses, your thing is to make high gains at low cost. Low-priced clothes aren’t always the stylish. It’s important to find similar suppliers whose clothes or services match their requested prices. Thus, it’s veritably important for you to choose the most cost-effective supplier.

Your price thing is to get the most value at the smallest possible cost. FondMart has named suppliers who give you with all kinds of stylish quality clothes at competitive prices. We make sure that you can buy everything you want from these named suppliers.

Stylish quality of clothes

The clothing supplier should be suitable to give the stylish quality, because the poor quality clothing handed by the supplier will damage your image to your customers.However, it may fail you in front of your guests, If the supplier can not give high- quality work.

At this point, if you end up with an inferior product, the price is pointless. But when choosing a supplier, quality is delicate to discern with the naked eye, especially when you buy wholesale clothing online. Still, FondMart has integrated named suppliers to meet your high norms. Whether it’s undergarments or outerwear, we’ve tested the quality of the clothes they give. We’ve enough confidence in the wholesale clothing that our suppliers can give.

In addition, a good character can also be a decisive factor in choosing a supplier. We named suppliers grounded on feedback from other buyers. We’ve plant that numerous buyers have chosen the same supplier because of their good quality, and we also recommend that you try it.

Instrument Center

We insure that these manufacturers have been vindicated by professional testing, examination and instrument companies similar as I ntertek, SGS, Rheinland and other internationally famed transnational product testing and instrument companies. The confines of plant examination include the number of plant workers, qualification instruments, brand qualifications, online order proportions, plant area, number of product outfit,etc.

Stable force

As a wholesale buyer of women’s clothing, you must gain clothing from the same supplier to insure nonstop income. Thus, it’s important to choose a dependable and secure supplier.

Thus, we’ve delved the fiscal stability of our suppliers and assured that these suppliers ( utmost of which are manufacturers) have large supplies, which means they can meet your requirements whenever you need them. Thus, if you choose our named supplier, you can get a long- term stable force.


We also classify suppliers according to different orders and styles of clothes, which is the most popular according to deals. In addition, we will regularly modernize styles and orders in real time grounded on request trends, and now we modernize them every two weeks. For illustration, you’ll now find specialty, bohemian and holiday, casual and road, sexy, plus size, undergarments and plus size swimwear wholesale, and yoga, because these types of clothes were the most bought clothes by other buyers from June to December last time We hope it can help you decide which order to vend when you’re confused by numerous styles in women’s clothing wholesale.

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