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How Can You Make Your Bed Like A Pro?

Who doesn’t admire those beautiful houses that appear on the extensive pages of decorating magazines or the popular websites for interior design? Decorated to perfection, there’s not a single clutter to be seen. If the room being discussed is a bedroom, it will have an elegant bed that is straight from a professional interior decorator’s dream. The beds are designed to be pleasing to approval from a drill sergeant. Finished with perfectly placed pillows and shams, and finished off with a striking bed blanket placed just right close to the bed. They are so beautiful that it’s impossible to mess them up once you’re ready to go to sleep!

Although your bedroom may not appear in the middle of a home magazine, there’s no reason that your bed won’t look as lovely (okay, nearly as great) as the ones shown on glossy pages. If putting the blankets and sheets to a tidy appearance is the extent you go with the time to make your bed each day, then you’ll have to take it a step further. It doesn’t take much time to set your mattress perfectly, with the added benefit of sheets being protected from a sleepy pet that is napping on your bed, as well as the pleasure of walking into your bedroom after a long and tiring day to find a bed that allows you to lay down and unwind. Follow this article to learn how to make your bed like a pro.

Is Bed Skirt Useful Or Not?

Many beds do not require the use of a bed skirt and if it is a mattress that sits on a foundation with an exposed frame made of metal, put a skirt on the mattress to hide the unsightly frame and the casters. Also, when you conceal the space under the mattress, it’s an ideal space to store clothing that isn’t in season and sporting equipment, as well as other heavy objects.

Get Padded

A Mattress topper can add additional comfort to your bed. It may not show. However, you’ll notice the difference in your sleep.

Sheet It

Soft and comfortable sheets can mean the difference between a restful night’s rest and the night of trying to relax. While some people might say you must iron your sheets before creating a beautiful mattress, this isn’t required if you take your sheets out of the dryer when they’re dry. You can then fold them to store them or keep them directly on the mattress.

Start With One Of The Corners On The Top Of Your Mattress:

Take the elastic fitted sheet across and down the corner of your mattress. Smooth the sheet and repeat the process for the other mattress corner. Then, move to the bottom of the bed and finally, pull the sheet in the mattress, smoothing out all edges and making sure to cover the mattress thoroughly.

Next, Put It On The Flat Sheet:

Spread it out on your mattress (if the sheet is printed, then face it down). print on the other side put the printed side face down) then spread the sheet over the mattress and pull the upper hem towards the top of your mattress. Finally, make sure that the sheet covers both sides of your bed. Remove any wrinkles.

Put The Top Of The Sheet Underneath Your Mattress, Then Shift It To The Other Side:

Take that corner hanging on the floor at the foot of your bed, and unfold that corner until it’s pressed against the side of your mattress. Then, fold into the sheet that’s flat by securing the folded corner in place to form the perfect fold. Repeat with the opposite side. Try to get an elegant fold at the corners of your mattress; however, don’t stress over the fold. You should leave 12 to 18 inches of the flat sheet left untucked on top of the mattress.

Blanket Time

If you’re using blankets for extra warmth, you can put them on top of the mattress and adjust it so that the top edge is an inch below the upper edges of your mattress. Spread the blanket’s sides equally over the mattress and then tuck the blanket in by following the same process as a fitted sheet.

Choose Your Topper

No matter what you pick, it will set the mood for your bedroom’s style. Place your bed topper on top of your blanket (or fitted sheet, if you prefer not to have blankets) and adjust the position so that the topper is spread evenly over the entire mattress. Keep the top of your comforter at a level with the top of your mattress. Then fold the top of the sheet over the topper and then tuck the sides tightly. Your mattresses can be rotated as well every 3 months. 

Place Your Pillows

Make sure your pillows are well-fluffed and place them on the headboard with the broad side of the pillowcases facing towards the closest edge of your bed. If you are using European Shams, they come after. Put your regular shams in between the European shams and finish with no less than three, with a few square or rectangular pillows, as well as a rounded bolster look is the best. Keep in mind that no law requires you to make use of shams or throw pillows, but if you desire your bed to appear elegant, spend time to set the pillows.

Throw It

To add a touch of elegance for a crowning touch, fold a throw or a thin quilt additional blanket, and then layer it on top of the mattress.


Your bed is perfect. It only took about a minute or so, and your entire bedroom shall look great.

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