How can I see the latest films released at the cinema?

Do you think cinema tickets are expensive? Do you think you won’t be able to enjoy the latest films before their possible television broadcast?

However, there are possibilities offered by the richness of the web, which can allow you to see the latest films screened in theaters. In our article, we will therefore give you practical tips for having access to the most recent films shortly after their theatrical release and even before their release.

Find the latest movies online

To be able to ดูหนังออนไลน์ on the internet, what better than streaming sites? They avoid any downloading and offer often unlimited possibilities for playing videos.

In addition, the majority of platforms offer viewing in French or in the original version. The advantage of streaming is to be able to perform so-called streaming playback. That is to say that the downloading of the file to be viewed is done progressively without this leading to the creation of a copy of the file.

When are they available?

This deadline for posting or availability normally depends on agreements between film and audiovisual professionals. The deadline for paid download services remains four months. For Netflix-type platforms, the posting must wait thirty-six before being legal. For other streaming sites there are no delays and the films may be available as soon as they are released, even several weeks or months before.

Nevertheless, the quality of the videos can be affected: bad sound, mediocre image, which is why you have to choose an effective and quality site. You will find above an indicative list of streaming site, whether paid or free to watch your movies from your sofa. So what’s the truth about this controversial Jimmy John Shark photo? Well, unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. It’s really up to each individual to decide for themselves.

Which streaming sites to use?

This list will allow you to go to sites deemed reliable, which do not contain corrupted links or links likely to infest your devices with malware in particular.

Another point to consider: does the streaming site require registration? To avoid subscribing to dozens of sites, especially if you are an avid consumer, prefer sites that do not require registration.


Very complete whether for series or films, this site offers direct access to all DTT channels and their program catalogs. Although the offer is not exponential it promises some pleasant surprises.


How to talk about streaming without citing one of the giants of the genre? Netflix contains a huge catalog of movies, which changes regularly with new releases and targeted suggestions based on your viewing. For an offer that starts at 7.99 euros Netflix offers ad-free and unlimited streaming. In addition, the platform offers sometimes exclusive films.


Free streaming site Cocostream has an array of movies categorized by genre. Integrating a search engine the site is easy to use. The links for each film are available in French and in the original version.


Available without downloading or waiting, all films benefit from HD quality. Knowing that one of the strengths of the film comes from the speed of its servers. Drama, animation, documentary, comedy… etc. You will find recent and well-known films like this chapter 1 and 2; Dora the Explorer the Movie; or Frozen 2. The site is also full of older films with a nice variety of genres.


The advantage of the site is that it offers quite unusual film categories such as Bollywood, Old Films or Shows. Not requiring registration, this site has the advantage of displaying a classic architecture with an ease of use that makes it a reference in streaming.

HDSS Streaming:

If you want to be sure to easily find a recent film, this site will certainly meet your needs. In addition, the works are classified according to the box office, the top of the consultations or with the last additions. Enough to diligently follow the novelties.

Full Stream:

This site contains thousands of movies to watch with sorting done by categories. If you lack inspiration, the site offers a selection of the top ten most watched films.

Which link generators to use?

A debrider allows you to circumvent the limitations of certain streaming sites. Thanks to this type of software, you will be able to ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี any video without constraint.

There are almost as many as streaming sites. Some are chargeable others free. The premium or paying ones obviously offer the best quality of service: speed, number of hosts, etc. We also advise you to use this type of link generator. Indeed, you will benefit from considerable advantages and if you are an assiduous streaming consumer it is better to be equipped.

To choose it, you have to check different criteria:

The number of hosts available to guarantee playback from almost any streaming server.

Download speed: a link generator is designed to be fast and efficient.

The interface: it must have ergonomics while avoiding being overwhelmed by advertising.

You can find a preselection of the best premium link generators directly on other sites.


Choosing a streaming site should not be done at random and should be done carefully according to your desires, your possible budget and your tastes in cinema. The advice is to use several to be both sure to find what you are looking for and not to suffer unpleasant inconveniences (untimely ads, malware, dead links, registrations). The main advice is to choose a regularly updated site, with new features and solid servers guaranteeing optimal use.

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