Heart-melting Trending Cake Types To Wow Your Loved Ones

Celebrating achievements and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries with our loved ones is the best way to show our love and happiness. Cakes are a typical delicacy for all occasions, and everyone gets a piece of cake. Anyone can customise the cake to type, flavour, and theme, to suit the event and the recipient. If you plan to surprise your loved one with a heart-melting cake, there are various cake types to choose from, like cupcakes, vegan cakes, and pinata cakes. Bakeries providing online cake delivery in Mumbai offer a seamless way for anyone to avail of a luscious and well-decorated cake without any hassle. In this post, we share the trending cake types. Read on.


Knowing the prefered cake flavour is the best way to surprise anyone on special occasions. But, it is not always the case when you have just got to know your inlaws and made new friends. Surprise your loved ones with assorted cupcakes with different flavours (like chocolate, vanilla, apple, and fruit), themes, and designs. You can also have the cupcakes arranged to form a number symbol of age or years in marriage.

Vegan cakes

Vegan cakes are another great option to steal the hearts of your loved ones, especially when you are not sure about their favourite cake flavours and preferences. And there is no limit to the customisations you can make on vegan cakes. You can surprise your loved ones with heart-shaped, tier, black forest, red velvet, and vanilla cakes, among others. All you need to do is inform the bakery to bake the cake to your ingredient specifications.

Designer cakes

Designer cakes are the true definition of cake flexibility. So, you can surprise your loved ones on special occasions at the ding of the doorbell with a luscious and enchanting designer cake. Some of the trending designer cake options are cartoon cakes, unicorn cakes, designer purse and shoe cakes, among others. Not only can you personalise the cake to mimic your loved one’s favourite brand – but you can also have the cake flavours and sizes customised to suit as well.

Pinata cakes

If you are looking for a great way to present your cake gifts in a stunning way, then pinata cakes are the best trending cakes you can buy. Surprise your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with a chocolate crusted pinata cake. You can have other smaller gifts like jewellery and keys placed on top of the cake. Or you can present a lip-smacking cake encrusted with salivating frosting, with the big surprise concealed in the middle of the cake. Check out various trending pinata cake ideas. By visiting this site you can know about Mark Giovanni says.

Jar cakes

Storing a leftover cake can be a cumbersome task. One has to consider the space in the fridge and storage containers. With jar cakes, give your loved ones the pleasure of eating cakes on the go without worrying about the space they have in their backpack or purse. And long after the cakes are finished, your loved ones will use the jar for storing cakes and sweet treats.

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Half cakes

When we plan to surprise our loved ones on special occasions with a cake, we must consider the number of people they will celebrate the occasion with. If it’s going to be a small gathering of two or three people, then half cakes are an ideal option. Make use of the remaining space and decorate with sweet treats, and name, message. Check out trending half cake types and also discuss with your bakery about your customisation requests.

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