Healthy food for the pandemic 

Covid-19 is all we can think about these days. The world is standing still our lives are literally on pause. Sometime in December 2019, the coronavirus outbreak took the world by storm. Since then nearly 200 countries have been affected and billions of lives are at stake. 

This virus is highly contagious. It spreads through the air and can live on many surfaces for days. That is the reason why it was so easy for it to spread like a wildfire. There are yet no vaccines for the virus so we are basically back to nature womb to seek help and shelter. What coronavirus does is it slowly attacks the lungs. And at one point they give up. It’s like a slow poison that kills you in an inhuman way where you gasp for a little oxygen while you are in your death bed. 

Our hands are tied before the vaccine comes. As of now all we can do is prepare our bodies in a way that even if we get the COVID we can still fight only with what we got. So back to square one, Corona or not you should always aim for a healthy body. A healthy body will help you fight a lot of diseases that are common and uncommon. 


Before I even start off what is healthy to consume it is so important to keep active. During these self-quarantine days, we have been sitting on our bums all day long. That is not only bad for our back but it is also bad for our whole body and mental health. Don’t worry I am not telling you to bust out a legit exercise program. What I am saying is just keep active. Do regular household chores. Light cardio will do amazing things for you. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard then go Swim. If you have a less crowded neighborhood you can go for a walk. 

Prepare home-cooked meals 

If not now then when? You have a lot of time in your hands to cook for yourself finally. So bring out your inner Martha Stewart and head over to YouTube to find some healthy recipes. Vegetables of any sort is always a good option. Your diet should be according to your body. There is no one meal plan for everyone so find out what your body needs and feed it accordingly.


If you are not allergic berries are gifts of God from heaven to earth. They are absolutely delicious and a hat with good things. So get yourself a lot of berries to eat. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin c is always good for the body. Good sources of vitamin c are oranges berries broccoli and a lot of other things. There are even supplements of vit c. Green pepper cooked cabbage red and Green peppers are also good sources of this superfood. 

Omega 3 and fatty acid 

This is also something that will keep your body healthy and ready to fight the virus if needed. Good sources of Omega 3 and fatty acids are any sorts of seafood such as tuna Salmon mackerel sardines etc. Nuts and seeds also an enriched source of these. Flax seeds Chia seeds almonds and walnuts are good sources of carbs as well as Omega 3 and fatty acid. 

Stay hydrated 

Drinking water will save you from a lot of health problems. Staying hydrated gives your body an immunity boost. Helps your skin it helps your gut it helps your kidneys overall it helps your body. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. If you don’t like the taste then you can also drink coconut water. But the plain kind is the best kind.

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