Guide to creating your own Trapper Assassin build in Diablo 2 Resurrection | Diablo 2 Resurrection Trapper Assassin Build Guide

Diablo 2’s Assassin Build Guide for the Resurrected Trapper Assassin’s Assassin BuildBuilding an Assassin Leveling Build for Beginners is a good way to get through Normal, which is the first difficulty level in D2. If you are unsure of where to begin, we will show you how to create a Beginner Assassin Build from the ground up in this Diablo 2 buy items Build Guide. Our buy D2R ladder items Best Builds page contains even more builds for all classes, and you can find them all there.

Trapper Assassin Build Guide for cheap Diablo 2 items Resurrection | Assassin Build Guide for Resurrection

It is called Wake of Fire, and it is the name of the trap that you will be using for this specific build. A triangular-shaped wave of fire will periodically erupt from the trap, causing massive damage to enemies while passing through them without harming them.

For new players, I strongly advise you to keep the respec that you receive after completing the first quest, Den of Evil. You will be able to put it to good use in the future. Upon completing this task, you will be able to communicate with Akara and gain her respect, which will allow you to upgrade your character once you reach Nightmare difficulty.

Stats for the Assassin Build Guide | Trapper Act III – V: 60 lbs. of muscle (for the Trapper Act III – V).
For the rest of the game, you should only put points into Strength if you come across an Item that is worth your time and effort to research and learn more about. The points should be assigned to Vitality if this is the case.

This is where you should spend all of your remaining points to maximize your vitality. While fighting large groups of enemies, having the ability to increase your Vitality will allow you to significantly increase your health pool, which is essential for staying alive. Running for longer periods of time without having to stop is made possible by increasing your Vitality.

Building Trapper Skills | Assassin Skills Building Trapper

Your primary focus will be on the Traps Skill Tree, which will allow you to deal damage, but you will also devote some time to the Shadow Disciple Skill Tree, which will allow you to unlock the Burst of Speed Skill and other utility Skills.

The Aftermath of Fire Cloak of Shadows is a type of disguise that can be used to conceal one’s identity.

As long as there are no monsters within melee range, this skill will blanket the entire area in darkness, causing them to cease all attacks and spells they are casting. The ability to attack from a distance is completely eliminated as a result of this. Additionally, it has the additional effect of decreasing monsters’ defense while simultaneously increasing your own.

Existence will come and go in and out of existence.

Unfortunately, Fade cannot be used at the same time as Burst of Speed, which is a frustrating limitation. Alternative to this is to allocate one point here if you wish, which you can use if you are struggling with a high elemental damage area and you do not have any Resistances.

Competencies are distributed according to their importance.

Assassin | Trapper: Create Runewords to your advantage.

Runewords are frequently referred to as End Game equipment, but some of them can be crafted very early on in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and they should not be too difficult to come by in the game’s early stages. If you are in need of a base, you can look for socketed items at merchants, but make sure they are of the Normal rarity before purchasing them.

In order to level up your character as you progress through the game, I strongly advise you to review the complete list on our Wiki and to regularly check the runes that you currently possess as well as the Runewords that you can craft.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need to Get the Job Done?

By selecting Stats from the main menu and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen, you can see your current resistances for each of your characters. When it comes to resistances, there is a cap of +75%, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve maxed out every one of them before you reach the end of Normal difficulty. Ensure that you inspect your equipment on a regular basis to ensure that it is balanced and that the height is as high as it can be.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across a large number of Charms, which will help you progress further. However, while having these in your inventory is convenient, they can quickly take up a significant amount of space, making it difficult to gather as much loot as you would like. Make an effort to concentrate your efforts on the bonuses to Life, Resistances, and +MagicFind, as these are the ones that will have the greatest impact on your character’s build.

Mercenaries from Act 2 are the best choice for all builds when it comes to character selection and equipment because they have Paladin Auras and the ability to equip Polearm Weapons, making them the best option for all builds.

When it comes to choosing an Aura, the Prayer Mercenary, which can be found on the Normal difficulty, is the one to go with. You can survive for longer periods of time without the use of Potions thanks to the healing regeneration provided by the Prayer Aura. Once you have reached Nightmare difficulty, you can hire a Mercenary who possesses the Holy Freeze Aura, which slows enemies in your immediate vicinity and is extremely effective at crowd control situations.

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