Georgia Contractor Continuing Education

Georgia is one of many states which require contractors to take Georgia Contractor Continuing Education (CCE) courses in order to renew their licenses. Georgia CCE consists of Georgia-specific law and regulations, Georgia trade practices, Georgia contract administration, Georgia safety regulations, Georgia company management topics, and general business management. Georgia also requires that Georgia CCE courses be Georgia specific. Georgia requires Georgia CCE as part of the Georgia Continuing Contractor Education requirement for all Georgia construction contractors.

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Georgia Contractor Continuing Education topics are divided into categories of General Business Management, Company Management, Safety Regulations, and Construction Topics. The required amount of hours varies depending on what type of license one holds within the Georgia construction industry. For example, if an individual applies for a Georgia Residential Builders’ License they are only required to take 6 hours in Georgia contractor continuing education courses which can be completed through various approved providers. However, an individual that is applying for a general engineering or professional contracting license must take 24 hours in Georgia contractor continuing education courses. All course providers are required to submit their Georgia contractor continuing education courses to Georgia’s Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Building Codes Division for approval.

All Georgia contractor continuing education courses are divided into topics consisting of Georgia-specific law and regulations including Georgia company law, Georgia contract administration, or Georgia trade practices. All approved Georgia contractor continuing education providers are required to offer a variety of courses for all different license categories. Some examples include but are not limited to: business management principles focusing on financial accounting, marketing, and human resources; professional development related to the technical application in the construction industry; safety requirements that must be met by employees within each job site.

There are several options for completing your Georgia Contractor Continuing Education Hours Available Online through various online course providers Popular choices include CBT Direct, e-PRO Construction Continuing Education (e-PRO CE), Georgia C.E. & Associates, Georgia Online Contractor Continuing Education and Georgia Training Courses. Georgia CCE also offers online courses for Georgia contractor continuing education providers through their e-learning portal Georgia Contractor Continuing Education;

Blended learning courses which are a combination of in-person and online coursework Offer live seminars held at various locations around the state of Georgia Other options consist of attending in-person seminars held throughout the year at various locations within Georgia To view upcoming seminars, please check out our events calendar maintained by Georgia CCE

Whatever your choice may be, always remember to select an approved Georgia contractor continuing education provider that is recognized by Georgia’s Commissioner of lobbying or Appointed Representative.

Enrollments must be processed at the Central Office located in Atlanta, GA 30334 without exception. All certifications are valid for two years from the date of issue provided there is no break in certification for more than 12 months. Certificates cannot be sent by mail or e-mail; only originals can be accepted for processing and certificate replacement if needed.

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