Free WordPress plugins your website needs

Only creating a WordPress website is not enough to make it user and search engine-friendly. Utilize various plugins that WordPress offers for free. Here are 5 must-have WordPress plugins which will help you make your website look professional. The great thing about them is that they are free, and you only need a few clicks to install them on your website.


WP Reset is an easy and free plugin if you want to start over with your WordPress website. It has several tools, all connected into one convenient package. This plugin is great if you desire to save some time and get a complete reset. Install the plugin and choose to reset WP, reset all currently active plugins or the current theme, basically whatever you need. With it, you can also install plugins and themes with a click.


WP 301 Redirects is a free WordPress plugin that can manage both simple and complicated 301 redirects on your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to easily set up redirections from one page to another without causing too much trouble. Wildcard redirects allow you to take any URL structure and redirect it to something else.


UnderConstructionPage is a WordPress plugin that helps you create an under-construction page on your WordPress website for free. When you are developing a new website, you may not want the search engines to show your unfinished website. Install this plugin to let your visitors know that you are currently working on your site.


Simple Author Box is a plugin that showcases the author’s bio and important links at the end of each post. In WordPress, you can easily customize the author box and add it to a desired place.

The main features of Simple Author Box are the showcasing of the author gravatar, name, site, biography, and social media icons. You can customize the author box theme, so it matches your website and looks good on any device.


The WP Sticky plugin enables you to make any component on your site “sticky” when you or your visitors are scrolling down. You can create a sticky header, menu, widget, logo, or call to action. It works well on mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. It is useful on the pages that are long as it provides navigation to your readers.


It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about building a website or if you are already in the process of building one; these 5 plugins are a must-have. Don’t overlook all the benefits you can get by installing them on your WordPress website.

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