FIFA 23 Introduces New Skill Moves and Fake Shots

FIFA 23 has four new skills moves, stutter feint, hell to ball roll, heel fake, first-time feint turn, and also three new types of fake shots.

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New FIFA 23 Skills Moves and Fake Shots

Let’s take a look at the new skills moves and see the button combination. First-time feint turn is a one-star skill move. You can do it as a first touch only. To achieve it, you must hold L1 or LB and R1 or RB and flick the LS button back. Stutter feint is a three-star skill move. You need to hold L2 or LT, flick the RS button in the left or right direction, and then flick it once more in the opposite direction you flicked the first time. If you press L2 and R2 or LT and RT, you will cancel the move. The heel to ball roll is a four-star move. The direction of this skill move depends on how you move the left stick. The button combo starts with holding L1 or LB, flick RS forward, and flick it back. The heel fake requires five stars in skill moves. You can do this one if you are in a standing position. You begin by pressing L2 or LT, flick RS left or right, and flick right or left. Three new fake shots are part of the FIFA 23 additions. We have two one-star shots and one four-star shot. We will start with the one-star moves. The jog open fake shot makes the player move right or left based on the LS input. The key combination is L1 or LB, followed by a fake shot, and then LS in the direction you want. The stand open up fake shot is done with L1 or LB, fake shot, and LS flick. You cannot request this move backward. The explosive fake shot is done with a fake shot and LS while the footballer is running. Only players that have at least 85 in acceleration and sprint speed can do this move. You cannot request it in all directions. We also have some changes for existing skill moves. Don’t forget to check out the new button combos for super flicks, skilled bridge, and disguised first touch.

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