Engagement Ring Trends: Embracing More Than the Classic Diamond

Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend, but today’s bride-to-be has a different approach to selecting the perfect engagement ring to celebrate her love. Yes, diamonds are the tried and true traditional symbol of love and commitment and will always sparkle and shine like no other. 

That said, today’s more modern couples are always looking for new ways to express their unique love stories. Engagement rings are at the top of the list for taking front and center stage. From mixing and matching gems and stones to changing metal hues, couples are customizing their rings with artistic touches. Your friends at Black Diamond New York encourage you to take a look at the top engagement ring trends and find one that fits you perfectly.

Black Diamonds are Bold and Beautiful

A bit on the mysterious side, affordable black diamonds bring bold and beautiful brilliance to any engagement ring. They are also associated with passion and love. They are elegant and opaque, creating a captivating and lustrous shine that looks beautiful on any complexion. Black is also a traditional neutral, complements other metals and gems, and is growing in popularity among all age groups. Black diamond rings pair perfectly with platinum, white gold, or steel bands. They are also striking when mixed with white diamonds and colorful gems, offering an eye-catching contrast.

White Diamonds Are Timeless and True

As mentioned above, the classic white diamond will always be a timeless selection for engagement rings. The great thing about white diamonds is that they act as a blank canvas for customization. They are perfect alone and blend beautifully with any band, from simple gold, silver, and metals to eternity designs that are covered with gems. White diamonds are perfect for duo-tone metals, perfect for men and women who mix and match their jewelry.

Pearls: Delicate and Delightful

Pearls are making a big comeback with younger generations. Whether taking a family heirloom and transforming it into an engagement ring or purchasing new pearls for their set, this is a delicate and delightful gem. Pearls actually symbolize innocence and purity, perfect for an engagement ring. Any band will complement a pearl’s silhouette, from a slender band with petite diamond accents to a wider band with more pearl presence.

Rubies Symbolize Heat and Passion

Rubies are gorgeous red gems that range in color from deep crimson red to a more feminine pink shade and every hue in between. Whatever the ruby selected to show a lifetime of love and togetherness, this extraordinary gem symbolizes passion and forever love. Yellow and rose gold wedding bands will enhance a ruby’s hue, while a white gold or platinum set with smaller rubies and white or black diamonds will add timeless contrast.

Emeralds Are Energetic and Glamorous

An emerald is indeed unique with its gorgeous and glamorous green shade and head-turning glow. They are truly unique and add a vintage touch to any metal or accent they are designed with. Emeralds are also very strong stones and can outlast the wear and tear of everyday routines. Bands of all metals and styles, whether plain or speckled with other gems, add even more energy and glamor.

5 Marriage Proposal Trends That Perfectly Complement Colorful Engagement Rings

Today, a marriage proposal is much more than getting down on one knee and asking, “Will you marry me?” They are actually becoming mini-wedding events and include venues, custom decor, and surprise parties complete with family and friends. Take a look at five popular marriage proposals that are full of love.

Big, Must See Marquees

One of the most popular proposal decorations is the “Marry Me’ marquee letters that light up the scene. Not only does it grab the girl’s or guy’s attention, but it is the perfect backdrop for photos, selfies, and a night of celebrations. Some letters are as tall as three, four, and five feet. Whether your proposal is an intimate just-the-two-of-you event or a full-blown night-long party, it will certainly be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Wedding Arches: Heart-Shaped Balloons, Floral Designs and Candles

Hearts and candles are full of love! What better way to ask for her hand than in front of a bigger-than-life heart-shaped arch? Dried flowers, blown-up balloons, and other arrangements are perfect for larger venues and outdoor locations that offer a breathtaking view. Lighted candles underneath create a romantic ambiance perfect for photo opportunities.

Sparkler Fountains Sizzle and Shine

If you haven’t heard of the cold sparker fountain, get to know this exciting proposal trend. It is just how it sounds. Remember holding a sparkler on July 4th when you were a kid? It’s similar on a much larger wow factor scale. A cold sparkler machine produces non-flammable sparks that have no smoke, just bright, exciting lights perfect for an evening proposal. Another perfect backdrop for photographs and selfies

Invite Family and Friends to the Proposal Celebration

Couples are inviting family and friends to experience their engagements. Venues are reserved, caterers are hired, and everyone is coming to celebrate what used to be a private moment between loved ones. Some couples enjoy a private moment first and then join everyone else after the big question.

Custom Neon Signs are Colorful and Creative

A bold sign of commitment is the custom-designed neon sign proposal trend. Sentiments like “It was always you,” “better together,” and the classic “Will you marry me?” signs light up the night with glamour and glow. The sky is the limit of what you can say in neon. What a fun and magical way to present a beautiful engagement ring to your forever partner!

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