Ecommerce business trends during holidays explained

Easy Returns Can Lead to Higher Conversion

For many online sellers, Holidays shopping is far from over on Three Kings’ Day, as the biggest returns period of the year has only just begun. Unfortunately, a lot of online merchants still think that returns just mean extra expense and effort. What is unknown is that many of your online store visitors can become your customers if the return process is simple. Knowing that returns can be made without complications increases the willingness to buy and therefore also the sales volume of your ecommerce. If you have an online returns portal, you can simplify your returns process and expand your online store globally. So, just as you have a shipping strategy, it is advisable to create a return policy and use it in your favor.

Measure the impact of your campaign

After the Holidays campaign, you deserve a little break. And we say small, because we cannot forget the ecommerce sales in January or the returns. But, you can take a few days and analyze how your Holidays 2022 campaign has been going. You can configure Google Analytics before the Holidays campaign starts and thus see the statistics afterwards. You can also ask your customers how the experience has been. This will help your online store grow and optimize your campaign for the coming year. Go all in with the marketing – let’s discuss video marketing. When you start promoting a brand (during holidays) with Twitch and YouTube streams, it’s important to measure everything. What kind of impact did the campaign have? Well, it’s important to understand what services you put money into – for instance you help Twitch streamers to gain more live Twitch viewers to promote your product, etc.

Don’t hesitate to insure your most valuable shipments

We have said it before and it is a reality. During these times, carriers become overwhelmed and packages are more likely to be delayed, damaged, or lost. It is no longer just that the customer is left without the gift, but the bad image that you are going to generate and what it is going to cost you to cover the shipping costs and the product again. So, shipping insurance goes from being seen as an expense to being seen as a lifesaver.

You don’t need to insure all your shipments if you don’t have to. Perhaps, the products of more value if it is recommended. Or if you ship internationally, the shipping costs are more expensive. There are two options: you can have the carrier’s insurance or hire it separately. 

Retain your clients list

With the increase in orders, it is very likely that you will attract new customers who have never bought from your online store before. If you don’t think about this in advance, there’s a good chance they’ll never come back. Be sure to create emails to see how the purchase went and to create a good relationship with them. You can, for example, share important information about your return policy. Then, you can exclusively share new collections or promotions.

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