Easiest Forex Trading strategy?

Are you new to the forex market? The forex trading market may be complicated for beginners, but applying the following strategies may appear beneficial for you. After reading the article, you will become a forex trader, and it will become easily accessible for you. 

A forex trading strategy consists of deep analysis, reading the graph chart, following the signals of brokers or graphs, and reading your desired currency’s past trades. Follow the guide given below and start your forex trading. 


A profitable trading strategy will allow you to understand how to trade in the forex market. Forex trading is competitive and complicated, but these strategies will make it easy and effective. It is easy to use your cards at the right time and place. If you choose an honest broker, then you can win any trade. 

Breakout Trading Strategy

The breakout trading strategy is one of the most profitable, simplest and effective. It is not quite simple and easy for beginners, but applying this strategy will give you too much profit within no time. 

In simple words, “breakout” is a movement of price outside the resistance area, and it occurs when the prices increase or decrease. It is important because it indicates the volatility of market trends and uses this volatility to give an advantage to the trade.  

Trend Trading Strategies

Trend trading strategies are the most common and valid trading strategies, which help newcomers to understand the trends in forex. This strategy keeps an eye on the prices and utilizes these prices in the direction of the market’s trends. 

First, you must observe the trend’s duration, direction, and strength. For this purpose, some tools identify the forex market’s upward and downward prices or trends.

Range trending Stratgies

When there is no market trend, it may be difficult for traders to determine the direction of the market trend. At this time, this range trend strategy helps traders to determine the right direction.   

The price always fluctuates between two ranges of prices. This is a big problem for traders because they want to take advantage of the trend; that’s why they trade between the selected range trend. 

First, check the range of trends. Check the high and low charts, and choose the range for trend. We can choose a range at the highest point or the lowest point. 

Position trading strategy 

This strategy is known as a long-term strategy, focusing on the fundamental factors of forex trading. A minor market trend or price fluctuation doesn’t affect this strategy. 

But this strategy is for patient traders because position trading takes time. It may take a week or a month. Then they set the targets, and if the market goes down under their target. They will exit their trade, and in this way, they save their trade from loss. 

Swing trading strategy 

A swing trading strategy is where a trader gets to profit from trade within days or weeks. It may get more profit than a day trader. Moreover, this strategy is more effective and accessible for beginners because they understand how to combine and learn the fundamentals and technical analysis. 

Scalping Trading 

Scalping trading usually works to get profit and then close the trade. Yes, you are right; you will get profit from trade within a short time and then close the trade. It is important for beginners because it helps them to understand the market signals in a short time and how to close the position after getting a profit.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the 1% rule in forex trading?

The 1% rule in the forex trading market is very effective and profitable. Because it helps the traders save their money, this rule states that you should never put your amount in any trade of more than 1%.  

What is the most effective forex trading strategy?

The trend forex strategy is known as the most effective trading strategy. Because as demonstrated by its name, it helps to understand the price trend. 


It is calculated that each strategy has its unique features. It depends upon your trading price and how bigger a trader you are. If you are a newbie, then from my experience, I will suggest the breakout strategy. This strategy will help you to become a good trader. 

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