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Complex Home Address? Here’s How To Simplify It

Do you know those situations where you are asked to write your address according to identity proof? The panic that a situation like this causes is undoubtedly unparalleled. The complexities the Indian adresses make writing difficult with the long and drawn-out details that are compulsory to be mentioned. This becomes even more difficult when you have a complex address that few might have heard of at a remote location.

People in India typically designate an address using neighborhood/locality names, landmarks, or simply directions. Although these traits have shown to be an efficient means for an experienced local postman to discover a specific address, they are not standardised, nor are there any government records that can assist in systematically locating them. Furthermore, written addresses in India frequently contain errors such as misspellings, missing locality information, and inadequate explanations of landmarks, among other things.

Due to this, there are many mistakes one makes while writing addresses. In addition, the sheer number of elements involved in an address makes it difficult to remember everything to write, from locality to landmark. This is exactly why we have a guide to writing addresses that will help you understand how to write your address and explain it quickly , making this process a little less cumbersome for you.

Let’s dive into this guide and explore how writing your home address might not be that challenging of a task when you know the process well.

A guide to writing your urban address

Step 1: Write your house/flat name and number along with your block, if required. For eg, D-101 Mansi Tower or 21, Mansi Bungalows.

Step 2: Write your street’s name and number,if any. For eg,Judges Bungalow Road, road no. 1

Step 3: Write the name of your locality or neighborhood. For eg, Bodakdev

Step 4: Write your nearest landmark. For eg., Opposite Zydus hospital.

Step 5: Write your city’s name

Step 6: Write your state’s name along with your pin code. For eg, Gujarat, 380065

A guide to writing your rural address

A rural address is written more or less similar to the urban one with only a few additions and subtractions. So let’s see what they are and get you the perfect guide to writing your rural address.

Step 1: Write your street name and number. For eg., 5 Mahatama Gandhi Road

Step 2: Write the name of your village. For eg, Budhgaon

Step 3: Write the name of your district. For eg., District Sangli

Step 4: Write your Pincode

Step 5: End with the name of your state

Here is your guide to writing your urban and rural addresses accurately to ensure that you never miss out on a crucial detail while writing your address on an important document or when sending a courier and anyone can easily find your home address.

This guide is your first step to simplifying the process of writing and explaining your addresses. Another very efficient way of streamlining your address and taking your second step to making your address compact and easy to understand is brought to you by the Pataa app.

This digital address app replaces your long and complicated address with a ‘unique address short code’ so you never have to write your address again. As a result, Pataa not only simplifies your address but also makes it easy to share, locate and navigate.

Take this second and efficient step whenever you’re ready to make your addresses and life hassle-free .

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