Car Tyre Guide UAE: Learning about Tyre Care

Your tyres are the most critical part of your vehicle and need to be maintained and checked regularly. One can find all types of tyres in the budget, mid-range, and premium ranges. The cost varies due to the compounds used and the rubber quality. Tyres also have an expiration date like other car components. Usually, you should replace your tyres after 5 years. The Road & Transport Authority (RTA), reports that car tyres can be used for five years from their manufacturing date.

If you plan to buy tyres Dubaisee that the manufacturing date of the new tyre set is no more than 150 days. Read on below to know the answers to some common queries regarding tyre care:

Car Care Tips

Recommended Tyre Tread Depth

In the UAE, for a light vehicle the recommended tread depth is above 1.6 mm. The legal tread depth for mid-sized vehicles is 2.4 mm, 3.3 mm for heavy vehicles and trucks, and 0.8 mm for motorcycles.

Best Time to Change Car Tyres

As mentioned above, even though the legal tyre age in the UAE is not more than 5 years, here are a few signs to help you know your tyres need replacement:

If your tyre is losing air, there could be a problem. Check the air at least once a month to decide about their condition.

  • Look for irregular tyre wear or lumps.
  • Check for cracks.
  • The vibration in the steering wheel is an alert.
  • Poor tyre grip, particularly in wet road conditions, suggests tyre change.

Wheel Alignment

Experts recommend checking the wheel alignment of your car tyres every 10,000 km. A few signs indicate your tyres need alignment, such as:

  • Off-center or shaking steering wheel
  • Car pulling to left/right side
  • Fast tyre wear

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is crucial. It is needed so all the tyres wear out uniformly. The recommended tyre rotation is at every 10,000 km to 12,000 km. Duration-wise, experts recommend that one should rotate the car tyres every 6 months. If you check the owner’s manual of your car, you will find the suggested tyre rotation period as well.

Some clear signs can inform you about the time you should rotate your tyres:

  • Vibration/shimmying of the car on the road
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Air pressure loss

UAE has a dry and hot weather. During the summers, one needs to be more mindful of car and tyre maintenance. Driving on sweltering roads is a task that requires you to buy from the top tyres brands only and invest wisely in car tyres. You will also find a temperature symbol on the car tyres that point towards the suitability and heat resistance of the tyres. In the UAE, the recommended symbol on the tyre for UAE’s weather is A and B.

Taking tyre maintenance seriously not only saves you money in the long run, but results in you getting more out of your car tyres as periodic tyre care improves their lifespan.

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