Can you do CoolSculpting at home?

Want to lose weight but don’t want to go to the gym? CoolSculpting might be the answer for you! This cryolipolysis treatment uses fat cells to reduce fat deposits from areas like the abdomen, love handles, upper arms and thighs. Although it is a relatively new technology, there has been a lot of research done on the safety and effectiveness of CoolSculpting at home. So if you’re curious about this potentially fat-busting treatment, read on to learn more!

What is CoolSculpting?

If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted fat, CoolSculpting is the perfect treatment for you. It is a branded and trademarked name of fat freezing procedures using Allergan Aesthetics equipments to perform. The technology uses cryolipolysis to break down your fat cells, giving you a slimmer body without surgery or downtime. You can achieve sculpted and contoured body shapes without the need for downtime or surgery.

How does CoolSculpting works?

This revolutionary treatment uses vacuum cooling pads called applicators that holds your fatty area in place and cools your fatty cells. As fat cells break down, they are eliminated through your lymphatic system. So, in the end, you’ll see results – whether you’re looking to reduce fat around your belly, love handles, or chin – CoolSculpting is the treatment for you! The practitioner will mark your treatment areas, then apply the gel pad on them. The applicator is then used on your treatment area where it is sucked in and kept held on while it is cooled. The treatment session last about an hour, in which your fat cells will break down and then passed out from your lymphatic system.

Can it be done at home?

If you’re thinking of trying “DIY Coolsculpting,” think again. Not only is it not recommended, but you may end up with medical bills that are more expensive than the cost of professional treatment. The actual CoolSculpting procedure can only be performed by licensed professionals in doctors’ offices using authentic CoolSculpting equipment. It is also an elective cosmetic procedure which is usually not covered under health insurance. Hence, we might think of wanting to save a buck by trying out some “DIY methods”. These products usually involve icy gel packs, ice cubes or other products for sale online. It is highly not recommended as holding ice cold objects directly on your skin can cause frostbite and tissue damage.

How to choose effective and safe CoolSculpting procedures?

If you’re thinking of trying out CoolSculpting, you’re in for a real treat! Before you start, it’s important to choose a safe and effective procedure. You also need to be aware of your body’s individual fat storage patterns and how they differ from person to person hence only an experienced practitioner of CoolSculpting will understand how to adapt and to help you achieve the best results from CoolSculpting. Everything you do during the procedure will play a part in ensuring you achieve the best results.

Is the clinic or center certified for CoolSculpting?

If the clinic or center is certified, they will have a CoolSculpting Certified Practice seal. This certification means that the clinic has met all of the required standards and procedures as well as the training and equipment in order to safely perform CoolSculpting treatments. For any practice that has performed a significant amount of treatments annually, they would be entered into their respective CoolSculpting Club(100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000). This club recognition would mean that the clinic are highly experienced in this procedure.

Are the practitioners and medical professionals trained in CoolSculpting?

Check if the practitioners are trained and certified by CoolSculpting University which is the training programme by Allergan, the company behind CoolSculpting.

How experienced are the practitioners?

It is always important to go for a practitioner who is highly experienced with the CoolSculpting procedure. This way, you can be sure of excellent results and minimal side-effects. If you don’t mind spending some extra time doing research, it would also be beneficial to find out how long the practitioners at this clinic have been performing CoolSculpting treatments as well as if the clinic or centre is recognised as a CoolSculpting Club member with a high number of treatments perform,. It will give you an idea of their experience and credibility in this field.

Are they using authentic CoolSculpting equipment?

Authenticity is a key factor in the success of any business. This is especially true for CoolSculpting, an innovative treatment that uses freezing temperatures to reduce fat cells effectively. All official Coolsculpting station comes in additonal . In addition, it’s important that they keep their CoolSculpting machine well-maintained – this will prolong its lifespan and ensure smooth functioning when they use it on your body.


Do not try to “DIY” cryolipolysis on your body. You can hurt your body and cause tissue damage or frostbite. CoolSculpting requires dedicated equipment and trained therapists to perform. It is much more worthwhile to go for proper professional treatment with much better results than to waste time and money and risk hurting yourself with “DIY methods”.

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