Can home paternity test kit results hold up in court?

A paternity test is an easy, fast, and private way for fathers to establish familial ties with other people. The accuracy of the paternity tests usually stands at a 99.99% accuracy prediction. A paternity test kit that can be used stair lifts at home will easily clear doubts and disputes about the paternity of a child by having the results out in a short time.  You can easily get the home test kit for use. 

What is in the home paternity test kit?

  • An easy to use kit that has detailed instructions for it
  • Available shipping both ways, which are free and discreet. 
  • Cheek swabs that are simple and easy to use. 
  • Private and confidential results 
  • An affordable price that is inclusive of the kit and the results. 

How do you use the home paternity test kit?

After ordering the home paternity test kit online, you will then take a sample for testing, find out more info about home paternity test. The procedure for taking the sample is very easy:

  • First, you must verify that the collection kits each have adhesive envelopes for individual testing with two packages of sterile cotton-tipped swabs. They will have labels on them
  • Collect individual sample DNAs one at a time. As you collect each sample, be sure to remove the swabs from their packaging and discard the wrappers and avoid touching the swabs after sample collection. 
  • You are required to collect four swab samples for each individual and use one swab per cheek quadrant 
  • Be sure to swallow before swabbing so that you do not soak the swab in saliva
  • Brush the swab vigorously for ten seconds each time to collect the cell samples effectively. 
  • After collecting the samples, hold the sticks for one minute and allow them to air dry,
  • Write the individual names on each swab to differentiate them. 
  • Return the swabs to the return enveloped cotton end first and seal the envelopes. 
  • Once you are done collecting all individual samples, place the collection kit in the prepaid shipping envelope for postage. 

Does a home paternity test hold in court?

No, it does not. If you want the DNA results for any legal reasons, then it is best to have the tests done in a lab. Although both methods are competent, the home testing method does not hold because the results can be compromised at too many stages from shipping to self-testing or they can also be falsified for personal gain.

Does the mother need to be involved?

For the home paternity test, the process can be done without involving the mother as the test is primarily for the male to establish paternity. However, it is advisable to also have the mother present. The choice is dependent on individual parties. 

How long does it take for results to come out?

You can get the results in three to five business days after self- testing. 


The future of the child and sometimes the entire family may be dependent on paternity tests carried out by the father. To do away with ill feelings and constant disagreements on the matter of paternity, it is best to carry out the tests and have the truth as it is. It is an easy, secure, and private way to get your questions answered. 

Furthermore, it is an affordable method that is easily accessible. Now you get to clear away any anxiety about the parentage of the child.

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