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Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually?

If you are someone that has a long commute to work in the morning to work, you know how tiring it can be to cycle all the way there. You can end up being exhausted at your desk and sweating in your work clothes. This is the last thing you want when you have an eight-hour shift in the office ahead of you.

So, this might be one of the reasons why you are looking at an e-bike. You have heard that the motor can take over and get you to work easier and faster. So, is this true and can you still enjoy manual rides on the weekends when you want to go exploring? Let’s take a closer look at the answer.

How Electric Bikes Work

There are a few misconceptions surrounding electric bikes. One of them is that you just have to sit back and let the bike do all of the work. However, this is not entirely true. You have to realise that yes, an electric bike does have a motor and this is able to give you power. But, it is not going to take over from manual pedalling entirely. Instead, what it is able to do is assist you with pedalling.

For example, when you are on the way to work and you approach a hill, you can use the motor to give you a boost to tackle it. You will still have to pedal, but the motor will ensure that the task is a lot easier. You do not have to use as much effort as you would do with an ordinary bike. So, when you get to the top of the hill, you are not going to be exhausted. 

Therefore, know that you are always going to pedal with an electric bike. But, this is going to be an easier and less strenuous task when you engage the motor. Along with being eco-friendly bikes, these models will help you enjoy cycling and take the hard work away from difficult roads.

Use an E-Bike Manually

There is another common misconception when it comes to e-bikes. That is, if you have an electric bike, you always have to use the motor. However, with a lot of brands, this is not true either. Often, there are different modes that you can select with your bike, which means you can choose to ride it manually or have assistance from the motor.

Therefore, say you want to go and explore some biking trails with friends. Perhaps you want to get some exercise and have fun. In other words, you do not want any assistance during your ride. Well, there is going to be a mode that you can select, which will turn the motor off. This means that the power and speed must be generated by you pedalling alone. So, you enjoy having an ordinary bike when you want to and then have the option of using the motor for assistance.

There are going to be times when you forget to charge the battery of your electric bike. It can happen to everyone. The good news is, this does not mean that your bike is obsolete and you cannot use it. Instead, you will be able to use the bike manually just like a traditional bike that you are used to.

Read About the Model

Every electric bike model is going to be slightly different. There will be different modes you can enjoy and you should read about them in advance so you know what you expect with the bike. For instance, there are some models that will have a fully manual and fully electric mode, as well as an eco-mode, which allows you to enjoy a bit of both. So, shop around and see what each model has to offer you. Be prepared that you may have to pay more money to explore various modes.

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