Can Acupuncture Help You Sleep Better And Reduce Depression?

Acupuncture is a kind of alternative therapy that stimulates energy flow throughout the body. The procedure is highly effective at promoting overall health and well-being, and it is a safe and pleasant treatment. Patients are asked to undress before treatment, but many find that they remain comfortable afterward. Acupuncture uses sterile, single-use needles. Acupuncture practitioners choose specific points on the body for insertion. Typically, a practitioner will use several points during a typical session.

In Chinese medicine, a disruption of qi, the body’s energy flow, causes imbalances. Some forms of acupuncture aim to restore the balance of qi. Acupoints aref placed on the body’s fourteen significant meridians (energy-carrying channels) to achieve this. When someone becomes ill or has an injury, these points react by releasing chemicals, including neurotransmitters.

In contrast, in a 2014 systematic review, the evidence for acupuncture’s effectiveness was low, but the treatment was still beneficial. In the same way, a 2015 Cochrane review concluded that acupuncture had no proven benefit for treating nausea and vomiting. In addition, further comparison studies of acupuncture and antiemetics have shown insufficient evidence to recommend a particular treatment. For stroke rehabilitation, acupuncture may help regain normal function of the nervous system.

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How Is Acupuncture Done?

Acupuncture uses wonderful needles to treat various ailments, including headaches and low back pain. It can also be effective in alleviating menstrual cramps. 

  • It works by stimulating specific anatomic points, called acupoints. 
  • In addition to the needles, heat and pressure can also be applied. 
  • The effects of acupuncture depend on the individual. 

The benefits of acupuncture are generally long-lasting, but some cases require several treatments to feel fully restored.

Currently, acupuncture is regulated by the Chinese Medicine Council, formed in 1999 by the Legislative Council. A licensed acupuncturist must have a diploma or a medical degree from a recognized college in some states. Some countries also have licensing programs for acupuncturists. Acupuncture is regulated in the US by the Food and Drug Administration. It is illegal to practice acupuncture in some areas unless a government agency approves it.

Positive Results

The results of this trial indicate that acupuncture treatment has an advantage over conventional medicine for improving sleep. This treatment is highly suggested for people who suffer from depression. There are a few reasons why acupuncture may help patients. It is known to reduce depression and improve quality of life. In this study, researchers compared the two types of treatments using the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD) to determine how effective each is. One should have healthy sleeping habits if he/she wants to deal with insomnia.

The efficacy of acupuncture as a treatment for insomnia linked to depression has not been proven yet. However, some promising results support its use in treating this disorder. Researchers found that the treatment significantly improved sleep quality and reduced stress in patients with anxiety-related insomnia in a recent study. 

Negative Results

The first study found that acupuncture treatment for depression had no positive effects on insomnia. The acupuncture group’s baseline features were similar, except the TST and SAS scores. The other group showed no difference in either group. Acupuncture is effective for treating insomnia in both groups. This study was conducted in a rural area in China. It is currently recruiting participants for its multi-center clinical trial.

Compared With Different Medications


While the study compared acupuncture with conventional medication, there were no significant differences between the two treatments. Randomized clinical trials are needed to see how effective acupuncture is for this condition. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct more research. This study is ongoing in the United States. If the results of this study prove positive, they will be used widely in clinical practice. Several other studies suggest that acupuncture treatment effectively treats insomnia in patients with depression.


The researchers looked for a difference between acupuncture and Western medicine. Acupuncture treatment had no statistically significant difference when compared with Western medicine. Acupuncture combined with Western medicine did have a more significant impact on depression. In conclusion, acupuncture treatment may not be a good option for this condition. It does not reduce the risk of developing the disease. A mattress also helps in getting a good night sleep one should choose the best mattress types.

  • HRSD

The study involving 270 patients with depression and insomnia will examine the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for this disorder. The researchers will use the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD) to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture. If the results are positive, acupuncture could be a stand-alone treatment.

In addition to using acupuncture to treat insomnia, this treatment is also used to treat depression. In this case, the treatment can be used along with Western medicine. The study included three studies. These studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective way of treating both conditions. Sleeping on the back can help the patient. If a patient wants to know which is better, he should consult with a doctor. 

Optimized Acupuncture  Formula

In addition to these studies, several other studies have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating insomnia related to depression. The analysis in this study compared the effectiveness of acupuncture with an optimized acupuncture formula. The researchers found that the combination of acupuncture and medication effectively alleviated the condition’s symptoms. The results of these studies were positive and suggested the use of acupuncture as a treatment for depressive insomnia.


Although the treatment is effective, many people are still unsure about its effectiveness in treating depression. Acupuncture is an alternative form of acupuncture and has been used for centuries. Acupuncture is an effective therapy for depression. It helps relieve the symptoms of a depressed mood. It may also be beneficial for individuals suffering from other mental illnesses. This method can significantly reduce the incidence of insomnia and lower the risk of suicide.

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