Business English Course for ESL Students.

Another option for taking an English course at a university is to enrol in a “Business English” course. However, many of these courses are geared towards professionals who are already fluent in the language and can use it confidently in the workplace. They also tend to be more expensive, and they may not offer even one English class per semester.

What is a Business English course?

A business course usually comprises specialized finance, economics, management, and accounting classes. It could also include an English class if these subjects are taught in English. For example, a business course related to tourism could offer classes on hotel management in English. This would help students communicate with their American or British clients in the most comfortable language. Another example of this program might be a marketing online courses that offers an advanced level English option as one of its electives. The students who take this particular class will almost exclusively use the language they are trying to develop or improve.

What to consider when choosing a business English course?

When deciding which one is the best program for you, keep in mind that a specialized business English course has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s important to know what each program offers and whether it may be better for you than the others. Here are a few points to consider: A specialized business English course can be very beneficial if you work in an area that requires advanced knowledge of the language (for example, a branch of economics) or if you need to improve your vocabulary, grammar skills, or pronunciation. However, it is not good if your professional life does not deal with finances or marketing-related issues.

How frequent is the course offered?

It is important to think about when your school offers classes. For example, suppose you have a typical English class that takes only one hour or less a week. In that case, it may not be enough time to improve your English skills in such areas as grammar, business communication and notetaking.

What level of instruction are you expected to achieve? 

An ESL program offers only basic conversation skills and vocabulary lessons in some cases. For example, a student might learn 100 business terms and related concepts during one semester but could only use half of them on the job once they graduate. This would not be very helpful when communicating with their clients daily.

What facilities are offered to help you with your English? 

Many ESL programs offer elective classes to offer English immersion programs that combine instruction in the language with activities—such as tours of educational institutions, museum trips and other cultural exercises. Participation in these activities may help you to develop relationships with other English speakers and to build a network of friends and contacts who can help you solve certain problems in your professional life.

What kind of training do the instructors have? 

If the instructor and how to sell online courses is an English teacher, you need to communicate with them about your goals. Are you looking for new skills that will help you on the job, or are you interested in improving your conversation skills to speak at work meetings? Part of that decision may depend on how much time your instructor has available to dedicate to each student. Asking this question before enrolling in classes is recommended.

How important is it for you to learn English in a business environment? 

If you are interested in learning English in a business environment, make sure that the program you choose offers classes at work or even a series of weekend english courses at your company (this option is particularly appealing if the company pays for your education.) In other words, consider whether the intensive course will help you to apply what you are learning on the job.

What kind of relationships do you want to establish with your teachers? 


If you want to make friends with your teachers, the best thing for you is an intensive program where native speakers teach all classes. If not, find out if there is a possibility of regularly meeting at different places outside of the classroom (for example, at lunch or after class) to make friends and establish professional contacts.

Is the program for college students only, or can adults enrol? 

Many programs offered by international schools are aimed at students from all over the world, but others have classes for adults (especially those who work in international business). This depends on the school you enrol in, and it’s best to ask about this before making a decision.

What kind of support is offered to help you succeed? 

An ESL program that offers bilingual instructors may charge extra for this service. On the other hand, an intensive immersion program designed specifically for business communication will usually offer bursary support so that people with low salaries can enrol without fees. In some schools, student evaluations are also helpful to improve the quality of your teaching.

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