Budget Friendly International Honeymoon Destinations from India

After a long and stressful month, taking some time out for yourself and your spouse is important. The sense of oblivion and being away from your daily reality of life is a much-needed break before you begin your hustle and start a new chapter of your life.

There are a few destinations that are more popular than others because of the budget-friendly trips they offer. These places also have a lot to offer in terms of food, culture, and beautiful nature.

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Budget-friendly Honeymoon Destinations:

Planning and executing a wedding is a big financial responsibility. Choosing to opt for a pocket-friendly honeymoon destination is a good idea if you are looking to save whatever finances you have left. The places mentioned below have a lower rate of currency conversion and that automatically brings down the cost of your trip. The factors to think about while choosing a destination are airline tickets, hotel stays, duration of your trip, budget, and of course, means of transportation while you are there. Apart from this, there may be additional expenses like tickets to various shows, entry fees, and other local attractions. If you have booked your trip with a travel agent, you may have certain inclusions in your package as well.

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  • Mauritius – For a beach-lover, Mauritius is as close as it gets to paradise. The endless stretches of blue water, the adventurous water sports and delicious food are waiting for every person who wants to visit. For the thrill-seekers, sports are ranging from ziplining to underwater walks. The diverse flora and fauna will astound you. The sultry days and breezy nights are perfect for rejuvenating.

  • Dubai – Dubai is an appealing mix of glamour and simplicity. This place has a delicate balance of old-world charm and luxurious ways to enjoy it. Dubai offers the peak of class and sophistication and the best of attractions. This spot in the desert is a hub of shopping, amusement parks, and awe-inspiring architecture. A honeymoon to Dubai can be magical and gives you an experience of a lifetime.
  • Malaysia – If you want to enjoy the boons of marine life without parting with the best of the modern world, Malaysia is the perfect place. The skyscrapers, islands, caves, mountains, are all a part of Malaysia’s culture and traditions. The preserved culture, food habits, and delicate ecosystems make Malaysia a gem.
  • Vietnam – Vietnam is a smaller country compared to some of the places you might think of visiting. This serene place has a world in itself at every corner. Whether it is the walking plaza and the street food or the rooftop bars and lounges, Vietnam has got you covered for every mood of yours. Boat rides and dinner cruises on the peaceful river with your spouse are the perfect ways to make a connection.
  • Cambodia – Cambodia is a gorgeous gem that has been hidden away from time. The temples, holy sites, and places of mythological importance make this destination a spiritual one as well. It is the perfect way to bond with nature and experience the allure of heritage in all its glory.
  • Sri Lanka – An island not far from India, Sri Lanka is a mesmerizing place that offers one of the best varieties of adventure sports along with the most popular and captivating national parks. Sri Lanka is famous for wellness tourism and numerous places offer advice and remedies based on holistic healing.

These destinations have gained popularity in the recent past and have been chosen by most due to the shorter travel time from India. This is just a preview of what some of the places have to offer and how memorable your honeymoon can be irrespective of your budget.

If you wish to look at more options you can click go through a detailed article on cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. The suggestions might help you decide the destination best suited to the liking of you and your spouse.

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Essential items while travelling

While travelling there are a few important things that need to be considered and you should be prepared for.

  • Currency – The volatile nature of the global economy often results in ups and downs and the conversion rate of rupees to any other currency may differ. When you are planning for a trip, it is wise to check the conversion rates and analyze the trend as well. If you see that the rates may go up, you should account for the difference in your budget as well. The changes in conversion will affect the cost of variables you plan to spend while at the destination.

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  • Visa – Application and approval of visa depend on having a valid passport. There are a few countries that allow for visas on arrival. It is important to carry all your documents or get a pre-approved visa.
  • Travel Insurance – One of the most important aspects of travelling internationally is purchasing travel insurance. The safety of travel insurance ensures that you are safe and taken care of in any situation no matter the country. Although it isn’t a mandatory requirement, travel insurance is helpful for situations like baggage loss, loss of passport, amendment in bookings, cashless hospitalization, and accidents. The coverage and benefits depend on the plan you choose. Medical expenses cost more outside the country and can leave you in a difficult situation financially. That is why travel insurance is recommended to everyone travelling out of the country.

The joy of travelling doubles when you have fewer things to worry about. The feeling of being safe in a foreign country amongst unknown people is priceless. Use the tips mentioned above and remember your honeymoon for all the good things.

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