Blending Lip Gloss Boxes’ Shape with Gender Dimension

Many brands possess a gender image. The brand’s personality traits are associated with masculinity or femininity. For example, Chanel is considered a feminine brand, and Hugo Boss is deemed masculine. Imagine that Chanel develops and launches a new fragrance. However, the brand must consider which shape will be preferred by the consumers, i.e., a curved shaped and an angular-shaped bottle for the fragrance when it comes to the packaging structure and shape.

While coming up with the best designs for products like lip glosses, the Packaging Republic suggests you consider which design for lip gloss boxes will make the new product more successful. Will the consumer preferences change if a competitor will launch the same lip glosses. The answers to the aforementioned questions can depend on whether the target consumers are in a creative mindset: a divergent thinking process that produces multiple unusual and novel solutions to a single problem.

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes – Shape-Gender Association

Packaging experts believe that consumers usually associate curved shaped lip gloss boxes with femininity and angular shapes with masculinity. Since consumers typically exhibit low levels of creativity, they likely rely on conventional shape–gender associations and, for example, show higher preferences for artificial eyelashes and other similar cosmetics and makeup products in curved-shaped custom lip gloss boxes. However, you must know that there are no hard and fast or absolute rules regarding the shape of custom lip gloss boxes. You can always design the lip gloss packaging boxes according to your brand theme and personality.

However, this congruence effect between brand image and shape of lip gloss packaging boxes can be reversed when consumers adopt a creative mindset, which can be temporarily activated during daily life activities, such as watching a creative ad or a packaging box, hearing a moderate level of ambient noise, perceiving a high degree of resource scarcity, or experiencing subliminal exposure to an innovative brand. Creative consumers think differently. They tend to bypass familiar associations in favor of remote, unfamiliar ones. When the creative mindset is activated, consumers may associate curved shapes with masculinity and angular shapes more closely with femininity. In this situation, a reversed congruence effect can occur, such that consumers prefer the lip glosses in an angular-shaped cute packaging for lip gloss.

Brand Image and Packaging Shape

The packaging experts and marketing managers believe in a strong congruence between brand image and shape of customized packaging boxes. It shows that, under baseline conditions, a feminine brand leads to a higher preference for products in curved-shaped packaging boxes. In contrast, a masculine brand leads to a higher preference for products in angular-shaped customized packaging boxes.Read more the UK time. It has been identified that the perceived congruence between brand image and packaging shape is the underlying process. There is also a moderating role of consumers’ creative mindset in a field setting. The experts believe that if the consumers have an innovative mindset that they expect elements like creativity, innovation, and effectiveness to be reflected in the cute packaging for lip gloss. However, if we are talking about regularly used consumer goods, then creativity and innovation are not required since here, the creativity levels of the targeted market are low. It is further confirmed that classiness and sophistication are expected in luxury, high quality, and expensive goods.

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