Big TV or visit to the cinema

Many years ago, when movies were first invented, it was the only way for many people to watch movies because most people didn’t have a TV at home. But the thing is, the quality of the viewing experience in a movie theater has always been much better than on a home TV, so it’s still the ultimate way to experience movies.

Videotape creation

A long-standing problem with movies and TV is that you need to watch a movie at a certain time. With the invention of home video systems like VHS and Betamax, moviegoers could either record movies from their tvs or rent them from their video library. The only problem is that the video quality of these tapes is still nowhere near what a movie theater screen offers.

The rise of DVD

After the invention of DVD, there was a huge leap in home video quality. DVD means that anyone can watch high-quality digital video at home. Unlike VHS tapes, for example, dvds won’t wear out or degrade over time as long as you don’t scratch the disc. Throughout the ’90s and ’00s, DVD was the king of entertainment. The only problem is that unless you have an oversized TV screen and a very expensive sound system, you still won’t get the same experience as a movie theater.

Home theater experience

A true home theater experience is becoming more and more realistic for many people these days as they buy a large widescreen TV and high-quality speakers. For example, with a 50-inch or larger plasma TV screen, and sitting closer to the screen than in a movie theater, you’ll get a very cinematic feel. And you don’t miss someone sitting behind you and he doesn’t stop talking about every scene.

Why you should choose cinema for  watching movie

However, don’t you feel like something’s missing even as the quality of home theater has improved by leaps and bounds? Getting out of the movie theater is just a special thing. It’s an excuse to go out and meet friends instead of being alone inside. Let’s face it: Honestly, the experience at home really isn’t as good as the full theater experience, isn’t it?

Reasons to watch a movie at home

The only problem with visiting a movie theater is that it costs more than just staying home with a DVD. Plus, watch movies anytime at home; you don’t have to stick to a strict schedule. You can also eat your own food. Relax over dinner and watch your favorite movie. Getting your own sound system is really beneficial since getting it at The Grid is affordable and will give you the full theater experience.

Cinema Digital Signage-Everything You Need to Know!

Work hard, but party harder is the modern motto, and humans run to achieve. After a week of hard work, it was the fun-filled weekend everyone craved. Undoubtedly, the multi-purpose shopping center attracts people’s attention and becomes one of the most interesting leisure places. For most of the urban population, watching a movie followed by a hearty dinner has proven to be an enjoyable day. In the business world, do you realize that everyone in the mall can be a potential customer? The average time a person spends in the outer hall before the movie starts is said to be 15 minutes. These minutes can effectively influence and attract customers, leading to upsells.

Cinema digital signage enables people to watch vibrant, colorful, dynamic content on large digital displays in theater halls or hallways. The grandiose, exciting content they put on display certainly makes the ambiance of the cinema awe-inspiring. They are a combination of technical entities such as the Internet, cloud platforms, LED/plasma displays, related hardware, and content display software.

Digital signage in cinemas can display diverse content as follows.

Movie promotion:

Upcoming movie trailers feature attractive signage to get fans excited, making it easy to promote the movie. This keeps people engaged and entertained.

Travel information:

Digital signage can serve as an efficient information platform, showing movie showtimes, ticket details, nearby stores, and even random data like weather updates, cricket scores, and news headlines. Virtual tours of shopping centers are a very popular signage idea that people benefit from. High-end, state-of-the-art signage offers interactive screens with automated systems that answer your inquiries and help with your user experience.

Focus on nearby businesses:

In the case of independent theaters, other stores in the multiplexor close proximity can sponsor advertising on this sign. This can help your business gain customer traffic, which is solved by attracting them with signage on their wait time. In the pursuit of happiness, people are constantly looking for opportunities to shop, eat, and entertain. So why not lure that small waiting crowd of onlookers with a catchy ad? This is a relatively simple marketing method.

More offers:

Marketing tactics to convince the customer that his purchase is worthwhile and that the wallet is not heavy can never go out of style or go wrong. People tend to approach product portfolios and offer rather than stand-alone products. When signage showcases these exciting options, like free popcorn for lucky customers, or discounted tickets when purchasing a snack package, they’re sure to make more profit than traditional methods.

Digital signage is an optimal modern solution that provides multiple benefits to various stakeholders in terms of profit, high traffic, no revenue articles, while ultimately benefiting customers.

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