Best Starter For Hyundai Sonata

Few problems are as frustrating as a car that won’t start. Whether you’re running late for work or trying to head out for a fun-filled weekend, failure to start your engine can be a major headache. Explore the best ways to troubleshoot and replace a starter for 2011 Hyundai Sonata or other year of Sonata today.

How a Car Starter Works

While there are many components that allow you to start your engine, a car starter is one of the most crucial. Car starters work by providing the initial engine crank needed to start it. They’re powered by electricity and use a powerful solenoid. While they range in torque rating and electricity use, all starters use the same basic design to start your engine.

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Symptoms of a Bad Starter

Look for these signs to replace your starter before your car won’t start at all. Failure to start is a common sign of a bad starter, but you may also notice one or more of these signs:

  • Your car is smoking
  • Your lights turn on, but not your engine
  • Your ignition makes unusual clicking sounds
  • Your starter is soaked with oil

All of these mean your starter either won’t work or will break down soon. They could also mean that other components in the starting system are wearing out or in need of maintenance, so be sure to rule out other issues before you order a new starter.

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Other Components You May Need To Start Your Car

You can take your car to a local auto parts store and request a free starter test to determine whether this component is working. If not, or if you can’t bring your starter in, then inspect these other areas before ordering a new component:

Something as simple as an empty fuel tank has some of the same signs as a damaged starter. Be sure to eliminate smaller, more manageable maintenance tasks before determining that the starter is the cause of your starting issues.

How To Replace Your Starter

Once you’ve determined the issue is your starter, it’s time to prepare your work area and roll up your sleeves. Order a new component and prepare to follow these steps:

  1. Park your Sonata on flat ground in a well-lit area and put on safety gear
  2. Remove the negative cable from the battery terminal
  3. Lift it safely and securely with a jack and jack stands
  4. Remove any plastic undercarriage shielding before locating the starter
  5. Remove the wiring, bolts and starter
  6. Verify you have the correct starter replacement before installing it
  7. Connect the bolts and wiring
  8. Carefully lower your car before connecting the negative battery cable

Don’t hesitate to ask a qualified technician or watch helpful how-to videos if you have any questions about these steps. Don’t attempt this process without the right safety gear and tools.

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Replace Your Hyundai Sonata Starter Today

Fire up your engine and prepare for your next adventure with an affordable replacement starter. Explore options online to find the best brand and price for a component that fits your year of Hyundai Sonata.

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