Best seasons to watch during Weekend

Can we all agree that a weekend full of plans is less exciting than a weekend with no plans at all, especially if it means you can spend 72-plus hours relaxing on the sofa, turning on your favorite streaming device, and putting your own torpidity to the test? Rather than re-watching Breaking Bad for the 7th time this weekend, or beginning a months-long catch-up on all 456 hours of Law & Order you missed, why not set your sights on a real accomplishment: watching a completely new television series? Whether it is a show that was canceled far too soon or a British series that knows that two seasons can be just as fulfilling as twenty, there’s something for everyone. Below, are the topmost favorite shows of all times you can binge-watch on a weekend. 

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Squid Game

This Korean series, which has been making Netflix history (it’s number one in the Top 10) is a must-watch if you are a fan of Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or Belko Experiment-style storylines. Hundreds of cash-strapped gamers accept an odd offer to engage in what appear to be harmless activities with an enticing prize at the end. There are a few caveats: There will be only one winner, everyone else has to die. 

The Boys

Amazon’s superhero shows The Boys is the ideal blend of a “prestige” show and a well-oiled serialized network drama. The program is based on the same-named books and takes set in a universe where superheroes are not only real but also famous. However, it turns out that the majority of those superheroes are enamored with their power and often commit crimes with no repercussions. The Boys are a motley gang of ordinary people with personal vendettas against the superhuman team known as The Seven. The show is incredibly violent, darkly hilarious, and unsuitable for children – yet it’s also more thought-provoking than you’d think, tackling issues such as fame, capitalism, and sexual misconduct. 

Schitt’s Creek

Imagine a less cynical Arrested Development combined with an inverted Beverly Hillbillies, and you’ll have a good idea of Schitt’s Creek, one of television’s most upbeat series. The Canadian sitcom is about a rich family who loses everything when their company manager defrauds them. The only thing they possess is a small, rural town that the father (Eugene Levy) bought as a joke present for his son (Daniel Levy) in 1991, and they’re compelled to move there and live in a hotel. Despite their numerous peculiarities, they gradually embrace their new lifestyles and even enjoy their new town. The comedy is wonderful, thanks to Catherine O’Hara’s outstanding portrayal as the family matriarch, a former soap actress who is oblivious to her social rank. It’s also a beautifully forward-thinking series, as the son’s pansexuality is welcomed with full loving love rather than disdain or condemnation. Schitt’s Creek is the perfect program to watch when you need a pick-me-up. It’s hilarious and smart. 


This psychological thriller series takes a look into the mind of a hopelessly romantic-passionate psychopath—two things that shouldn’t go together. It recently returned to Netflix on October 15 for Season 3, in which Joe continued with his highly poisonous and deluded obsessions with women. However, there is one difference between this season and the previous two: he now has a child and a psychotic wife, which adds to the intrigue of his bizarre existence.


As a mystery fan who prides herself on predicting the outcome of murder mysteries, I’ll tell you this: If you say you saw Clickbait’s finale coming, you’re lying. Nick Brewer, a family guy, is kidnapped at the start of the new Netflix limited series. However, what appears to be an abduction case gets more difficult when recordings of him carrying a series of signs are revealed. One accuses him of abusing women, while another alleges he murdered a lady. While his family searches for the individuals who kidnapped Nick, they must also consider what Nick could have done to cause this bizarre hostage scenario.

Sexy Beasts

Season 2 recently premiered on Netflix this month. When meeting a date for the first time in a typical dating setting, most people would want to look their best. Love is Blind, a Netflix reality dating program, questioned the concept of love at first sight by never allowing the candidates to see each other until becoming engaged. However, this bizarre new dating program decided to take it a step further by using sophisticated prosthetics to convert all of the daters into animals and other critters. 

The Circle

Let’s make it even more stressful by putting $100,000 on the line. Contestants in The Circle are separated in their own apartments and can only contact each other through a social media app. Everyone is requested to assess their fellow participants on a regular basis, with the highest-ranking contestants becoming “Influencers” and the lowest-ranking contestants being removed (and the most popular contestant winning the cash prize). But there’s a catch: in the competition, people may choose to be anyone they want, which means the nice “girl-next-door” you’ve been flirting with could actually be a middle-aged male.

Never Have I Ever

Netflix’s unique coming-of-age drama has finally gotten its second season. If you haven’t seen the first season, it tells the tale of Devi, a first-generation Indian-American adolescent growing up in Southern California. Devi must deal with the death of her father and the perils of high school hierarchy while navigating high school, a spicy love triangle that rivals the legendary Edward vs. Jacob struggle, and friendships with her two BFFs.

Black Mirror

For some real psychological terror, turn to Black Mirror. It includes 22 episodes (including the interactive film Bandersnatch), but each one is practically a stand-alone picture, with most episodes lasting 45 minutes to over an hour. Reality is eerily similar to the circumstances depicted in this dark, twisted drama, making it the ideal binge-watch for anyone seeking psychological trauma.


If you’ve been binge-watching for years or are just getting started, there are some series that are made to be watched as rapidly as possible. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, we have compiled a list of our favorite binge-worthy series above.

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