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Hair is a significant part of the human body, the hair holds great significance and in some cultures, hair is known to be a symbol of strength, and a person’s virtues are said to be stored in their hair. But unfortunately, as people age, they have to face the sad reality of hair fall and even baldness.

However, due to advancements in technology, one can decide to do a hair transplant and that helps with regrowth. There are many clinics in Pune offering transplant services, but you must go for the best. In this article, we will give you some fantastic tips to get the best hair transplant in Pune.

Factors you must consider while choosing the hair transplant clinic:

Doctor Credentials:

Before choosing a clinic, you must look at the credentials of the doctor. Getting your hair transplant done through a surgeon who does not have any experience in surgery can be pretty risky. Book an appointment with the doctor and get diagnosed first as the case of every individual is different, and there is no one size fit for all. Make sure you don’t get scammed by anyone; find a qualified doctor.

Doctors Experience:

The following significant criteria, which you must indeed consider, is doctor experience. It does not necessarily mean that a highly experienced doctor is a good choice. The hair transplant market has some recent advancements in the techniques, and if the experienced doctor does not know it and follows the old concepts, only you must think twice before opting for a hair transplant under his guidance. Go for a doctor who is trained in performing hair transplant surgeries and keep himself updated with the latest trends.

Clinic staff:

For getting the best outcome, make sure that the clinic staff works well as a team because surgery is not a one man army. In surgery, the team divides the work and creates a healthy atmosphere, and the doctors are like-minded. The team consisting of young surgeons with experienced doctors can do more justice to the hair transplant surgery.

Clinic’s staff Friendliness:

The hair transplant surgery is quite complicated; hence as a patient, you must understand the precaution and in and out about the surgery, a friendly staff can help you with it. Choose the clinics that have staff that are cheerful and always ready to help you.

The staff can explain to you the details of the procedure and guide you at every step. If they are knowledgeable, you can even get your doubts cleared.

The aesthetic/artistic expertise of the surgeon:

Placing new grafts of hair on a patient’s hairline according to its gender, age, and profile requires the surgeon’s artistic expertise as it is not an easy task. The procedure involves scientific approaches but also creative skills, which constitutes 60% of the procedure.

The hair graft is planted in such a way that it looks natural; the hair should be grafted to the correct angle in the right direction. To give it a more appealing and natural look, the hair is grafted at the zig-zag pattern. The surgeon defines a specific directional hairline depending on the facial feature of the patient.

A hair transplant clinic in Pune gives the best hair transplant service that will help you to get a natural look. Hence, when it comes to hair transplants, then it is essential to choose the right clinic always and make an informed decision.

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