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Find an idea of ​​relevant content for your audience

The first thing to do before you start web writing is to make sure that it will appeal to your audience. Indeed, the best article which is will not reach its target if its subject is not in adequacy with the expectations of the readers.

Be interested in the intention of the Internet user

To write relevant content, you must first of all be interested in the intention of the Internet user: why is he typing this request on the search engines? What does he expect as a result using these keywords specifically? Thus, you will be able to best meet their needs.

Write a catchy and explicit title

A good headline has the power to engage the reader and make them want to read your content. The Internet user may feel targeted. Touched or even targeted by what the title suggests to him. For this, two conditions must be met. The title must both be worded in a catchy way, while being explicit. On its own, it sums up what the text will deal with and calls on the Internet user to continue reading.

Good title

A good title is therefore a promise made to your audience, but not only. Web writing is nothing without SEO, right from the headline. This must therefore respect the maximum length defined for the web and include, in theory, the main keyword chosen for the text.

Summarize the essentials of the information in a concise introduction

The introduction generally pursues the same objectives as the title. If it gives the reader a little more detail. It should be kept concise so as not to lose its attention. The 5 W method is widely used to construct an introduction.

Structure the content by prioritizing the title levels

The use of the Hn tags (from H1 to H6) makes it possible to give a harmonious and aesthetic structure to the content, but not only. Indeed, these tags are essential in SEO web writing. They prioritize the article and tell search engines the importance of each title and subtitle.

Overall, the structure of your text is a precious help in organizing ideas and developing a logical argument, responding to the problem posed. Title levels, on the other hand, are extremely important for SEO. They guide the reading of your pages by search engine robots and therefore participate in the best referencing of your content.

Define a guiding idea

To be relevant, a text must always follow a guiding idea. It can be a problem formulated in the main title and / or in the introduction, or simply suggested. This guiding idea is a common thread for the editorial staff.

Develop one idea per paragraph

As old as the editorial staff itself, this technique is commonly used by journalists. It goes hand in hand with a good hierarchy of title levels and the definition of a guiding idea. The reader has the choice to focus on a part of the answer by lingering on a paragraph. Writing is also made easier.

Beyond reading and writing a paragraph, you need to consider the importance of SEO criteria when it comes to content. It may therefore be wise to highlight key terms and expressions capable of illustrating the idea discussed in each paragraph.

Write simple and short sentences

Web writing requires taking into account the media on which the content is read, because the information must reach the reader quickly. The vocabulary should therefore be lightened, especially if you are writing for a field which is used to using its own jargon.

Its benefits

Sentences should be as short as possible while retaining their informative character. In this regard, the length of publications has long been the subject of many questions. Even if it remains relative, it is possible to determine the ideal number of words by relying on several criteria:

The target of your content.

  1. Your mark.
  2. Your industry.
  3. Your marketing goal.

Strengthen the external and internal network

Hypertext links have the advantage of directing the reader to related sources of information without cluttering the body of the text. They are also beneficial for the SEO performance of your publication, since they increase its credibility.

Add media to enrich the text

Internet users are typically exposed to a huge amount of data every day. If you want to stand out, develop your image, and convert your audience, you can’t settle for texts. Videos, images or even animations constitute easy to consume content, generally very popular with the public. Thus, 84% of Internet users say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Make the content easily shareable

One of the goals of web writing is to be seen and read by as many people as possible. This requires being present everywhere and in particular on various social media. By integrating share buttons into your articles, you increase your visibility and simplify the task of your readers.

Keep the same editorial charter

The drafting of an editorial charter is essential to frame the production of the brand’s content. Rules must be set upstream of web writing to ensure the consistency of all communication media. They concern the structure, the editorial constraints as well as the length of the publications to be respected.

Make content mobile friendly

User experience is an important criterion for natural referencing. It is therefore essential that the content be readable on all media including mobile. In fact, 70% of the world’s population connects to the Internet from their smartphone. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the images are well centered, that all the text is visible on the mobile page and that the call-to-action buttons are large enough for the users’ fingers.

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