Benefits of Physiotherapy for Managing Arthritis

When treating arthritis, physiotherapy is a critical component of the overall strategy. A physio in North Brisbane is part of a team of healthcare specialists that can assist you in regaining or maintaining an active and independent lifestyle in your home and at your place of employment. You may learn how to protect your joints from injury from specialists in movement assessment from these professionals. 

What role does physiotherapy play?

Understanding how arthritis impacts your life is essential. When you have arthritis, a physiotherapist in North Brisbane can assist you in understanding what occurs to your joints and muscles as a result of the disease. Understanding the causes of your arthritis can assist you in managing its effects.

Taking control of your discomfort

Arthritis may produce localised pain in a specific body area or more widespread joint and muscle discomfort across the body. Although drugs will assist, a physiotherapist may advise you on various techniques of pain treatment that can be used in conjunction with your meds.

Maintain a healthy pace.

Overdoing things might make your discomfort worse, but not doing enough can make it worse as well. In addition, your physiotherapist in North Brisbane may advise you on gradually increasing your activity level at a pace that you can manage and how to strike the correct balance between rest and exercise. Planning your activities so that you don’t overdo it will allow you to enjoy your chosen activities.

Exercise regularly with increasing difficulty.

The gradually increasing intensity begins gently and builds up in modest increments. This will aid in strengthening your muscles and joints and improve your overall fitness. Improving your overall fitness and stamina will enable you to raise your exercise level without experiencing an increase in discomfort. Regular exercise can also increase your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones, which will help alleviate your discomfort.

Increasing your physical fitness

When you have arthritis, it is critical to maintain an active lifestyle. However, although many individuals in North Brisbane are concerned that exercise would exacerbate their pain or cause more damage to their joints, your joints are made to move, and the muscles and tissues that surround your joints will grow weaker if they are not utilised. Instability in your joints, as well as a reduction in your mobility and freedom, are possible consequences. Fitness exercises may enhance your overall fitness, assist you in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, improve your overall mobility, and help you feel more self-assured.

It is essential to select an activity that you love and stick with it regularly. Make a note of this and talk about it with your physiotherapist – they can assist you in developing an exercise programme if you are new to it and advise you on any special equipment or training that you may need to get started.

It is critical to begin slowly, maintain a steady pace, and gradually raise your level of exertion. You may have a minor increase in discomfort when you initially begin, but this should subside as your confidence and strength grow.

Mobilising, stretching, and strengthening are all critical.

Arthritis may cause joint stiffness and muscular weakness, interfering with your ability to carry out your daily tasks. Your physiotherapist in North Brisbane will evaluate your muscle strength and the range of motion in your joints. They will provide you with strategies and exercises to help you maintain your joints operating as efficiently as possible.

Hydrotherapy pools are available to specific providers of physio in North Brisbane, allowing patients to do warm water exercises while receiving treatment. Many individuals find it simpler to move about when in the water. The warmth is calming, and the water supports your weight, allowing you to move your joints and muscles without putting any pressure on them.

Physiotherapy may also be beneficial if you have hypermobile joints, which have a range of motion greater than the typical range. Some physiotherapists specialise in problems such as joint hypermobility or other related issues.

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