Being attracted to a member, a dangerous game in webcam jobs!

If you are a straight woman who happens to be working in webcam jobs, there will most definitely be a few occasions in which you will like a certain member much more than the others. However, since we’re talking about a man you will never meet in your life because the policies of the studios are strict when it comes to interactions of this type, you have to make a clear difference between a passing attraction and falling in love – for the latter, you must first meet the person face to face. Nevertheless, when such a moment happens, you have to enjoy it and let it fill you with happiness and positive energy.

This is exactly what happened to Lolla, a young woman working in non-adult webcam jobs. She asked the following question in a new topic on a private forum dedicated to this industry: “Have you ever had a member to ‘fall in love’ with?”. You can notice the quotation marks since Lolla has a long experience in this domain and knows that you can’t feel in such a way towards a member. Soon, she received a reply from Clarice, whose story seems even more interesting and which we present to you next:

“Yes, this also happened to me! It was a Romeo-like old man from Texas, he found me during my first days in webcam jobs. He visited my profile every day and he didn’t necessarily want a show, he wanted to talk to me. He told me about his sick wife, he showed me his house, he had a huge villa. He was very nice and he even let me be real to him, he asked me what problems I had. When I saw that, I burst into tears and I told him all my problems, I vented to him and he even gave me some very useful advice. These kinds of things happen too, but it would never occur to me to meet a member, God forbid!”, Clarice from wrote.

Therefore, we can draw several conclusions from her story: first of all, an attractive member in webcam jobs doesn’t necessarily have to be physically attractive, he can make you get close to him in other ways. Secondly, not all men, including those who appeal to such women, want only sex, some of them want to talk and be listened to. Sometimes, it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to someone close to you, so as not to be judged by them. Last but not least, cam girls also have their problems, just like any other human, even if, from the outside, their life seems perfect.

Last but not least, another veteran of webcam jobs, Eveline Lemy, put her finger on the problem: “I really wouldn’t say that I was in love with a member, but I had a rather special one. We used to talk daily, we spent a lot of time together, until he realized that I would never meet him and he deleted his account. These kinds of members are very rare, it’s cool to have them, but I would never meet them in person. Who knows who you’ll run into?”.

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