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Are Floors Made of Luxury Vinyl Plank Waterproof?

Since 2010, resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl planks, has dominated the flooring industry, experiencing 285% growth.

Luxury vinyl planks are popular for several reasons. The main one is they look as good as hardwood floors but cost a lot less. They’re also easier to install and suited to rooms where hardwood simply won’t do.

So, when installing this type of flooring, the number one question on any homeowner’s mind is, ‘Are floors made from luxury vinyl plank waterproof?’

Keep reading to find out.

Where Can You Use Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

When you use luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home, you can install it in any room. That’s because this type of floor is 100% waterproof.

That means you can enjoy the good looks of hardwood in your kitchen and your bathroom. What’s more, luxury vinyl has a comfortable, warm feel underfoot, so it’s great for bedrooms too.

You can even use luxury vinyl tile or planks on your patio since they’re impervious to rain and dew.

What Makes a Luxury Vinyl Plank Waterproof?

All vinyl flooring comprises six layers that contribute to all its best features. These are:

The Top Coat

The uppermost layer of vinyl flooring adds texture and sheen to the floor. It’s made from clear urethane and adds to the durability of the floor without detracting from its appeal.

The Wear Layer

The wear layer protects the pattern layer and increases the durability of the vinyl plank. It’s made from a clear urethane-based coating and is stain and scratch-resistant.

Some even offer UV protection for the floor.

Pattern Layer

The pattern layer gives the floor an attractive appearance. It’s made from a high-quality print that mimics more expensive types of flooring like hardwood or stone.

The pattern layer could incorporate any design or color.

Cushion Layer

The cushion layer adds bounce and comfort underfoot. It’s made from plastisol.

The Core Layer

This rigid layer keeps the flooring flat and gives it substance. It comprises a mixture of vinyl and plasticizer or fiberglass.

This layer is what contributes most to the waterproof qualities of LVP flooring.

The Base Layer

The base layer, made of PVC, supports all the other layers.

Luxury vinyl flooring has a very thick wear layer and a rigid core, that makes it stand out from conventional vinyl and adds to its waterproof capabilities.

The best luxury vinyl plank has a wear layer of around 28 mils or more. This makes it tough enough to stand up to heavy commercial wear. For home use, you should choose planks with a wear layer between 12 and 20 mils.

Thanks to these components, you can immerse luxury vinyl flooring in water for years, and it won’t warp or become deformed.

The Answer to All Your Flooring Problems

The short answer to the issue of, ‘Are floors made from luxury vinyl plank waterproof?’ is a resounding yes. All LVP flooring is completely waterproof and suitable for use in your kitchen and bathroom.

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