Advantages Of Leased Line Over Broadband For Your Business And Why You Should Make The Switch

In the present day, almost all activities have been digitised. Individuals, organisations in various sectors, educational institutions, etc. are, all depending on the internet to carry on their businesses and services. While individuals go in for broadband internet connections, organisations and institutions prefer a leased line that gives the advantage of the connection to multiple sites for a wider network.

Advantages of the leased line over broadband

A leased line is a dedicated line that connects multiple sites, whereas broadband in any locality provides connectivity to various third parties in the same locality. Besides this, there are various other advantages of the leased line over broadband.

In proportion speed

A leased line maintains the symmetry of speed for both uploads as well as downloads. But a broadband connection will enhance the speed of downloads while the speed for uploads will be adjusted.

Customised connection

The advantage of a leased line is that it is dedicated and will not be shared by any other businesses or organisations in the neighbourhood, and fluctuations in the quality of the connection during peak hours will be avoided. Broadband connections will be shared by several other parties in the same locality, and during peak hours when the traffic is high, the internet speed will be compromised. 

Speed level

As per Speedtest Global Index Report by Ookla, the average Indian broadband speed fixed is as low as 35.98 Mbps as of March 2020, which is in no way comparable to the leased line speed, which is 10 Gbps.

More dependable

A leased line is more dependable as it keeps track of various parameters like delay in transmission (latency) as well as the variations in these delays (jitter) if any. So they are far more reliable than broadband connections for conducting online activities like webinars, video conferences, meetings, etc. seamlessly.

Provision of service level agreements

Internet leased line providers enter into an agreement with the customers, i.e., SLA Agreement (Service Level Agreements), wherein they promise a defined level of internet performance and also mention the compensation they are liable to provide the customers in case of breach of such promise. Whereas such agreements cannot be expected from broadband internet connection providers.


Copper Wire technology which is outdated, is adopted for broadband connections due to which the internet connection speed is sluggish when compared to the internet leased lines. The technology adopted in leased line connections is fibre optic technology, with which the internet connection is faster and more dependable.

Higher bandwidth

The higher bandwidth, provided by internet leased lines, is an advantage to companies where a large number of employees are connected to the same network leased line to carry on IT activities. The bandwidth begins at 64 kps and keeps increasing.

Consistent speed

Internet leased line providers offer a dedicated speed for the various plans. If you have chosen a speed of 1 Gbps, they stick to it, whereas in broadband connections, you can not expect consistency in speed as promised.

Maintains service quality

The service quality of internet leased lines is impeccable when compared to broadband connections. The voice and video clarity are much better in leased lines than in broadband connections.

Constant IP address

Various organisations and businesses who opt for leased line connections are permitted to have their own permanent IP addresses on the web, which is a great advantage over broadband connections. This can be one of the best reasons why leased line connections are ideal for commercial organisations.

Option to connect multiple sites

Internet leased line is a boon to organisations that need a wider network. It provides the option to connect multiple sites and expands the network. In broadband connections, only one site can be connected to the ISP’s network, which becomes a limitation for huge organizations. 

Virtual private network

In huge organisations with multiple branches, the employees are scattered across the branches. The option of a virtual private network for each of its employees provided by an internet leased line is very effective compared to the network provided by a broadband connection.


Internet leased line offers better security against cyber crimes when compared to broadband connections. The reason is internet leased line is a dedicated connection without any third-party users, as are there in the case of broadband connections.

Assorted Physical Routes

In broadband connections, the route is decided by the service providers, and the customers do not have a choice. In the case of an Internet leased line, the customers are provided with the option of multiple physical routes that give them the advantage of backup.


Internet leased line has multiple usage plans, and a single plan provides various services like video conferencing, surveillance, permanent IP etc, which makes it more economical than broadband connections for businesses and organizations.  The charges increase with the choice of service and the bandwidth.


Internet leased line offers service with low latency i.e., delay in data transmission and jitters i.e., lesser variations in such delays. This is very much required for a seamless performance during video conferences, meetings, etc which is almost a daily affair in organisations and businesses these days. Also, considering the cost-effectiveness, the internet leased line definitely has an edge over broadband fibre connections for commercial businesses/organisations.


What are latency and jitter?

Jitter and latency are the yardsticks to assess the performance of the network. Latency is defined as a delay via the network, whereas jitter is the change in the amount of latency.

Which is more reliable, broadband or leased line?

When reliability is concerned, Internet Leased Lines score better than broadband connections. The reason is the former has the capacity to monitor various performance parameters of an internet connection like latency and jitter. 

How are broadband and leased lines different?

A broadband is a shared connection where the access is shared by residents or businesses in the vicinity. In contrast, leased lines are dedicated connections where there is no contention. It benefits large businesses and organisations. Your business will be given a dedicated line which is directly connected to the local exchange, and no third party will have access to the connection.

What is the advantage of a point-to-point leased line?

A point-to-point leased line is significantly advantageous. You will not have the stress of the slow down of connection followed by multiple users accessing the connection. Since third parties cannot access the connection, business data will not be compromised. The connection quality will be good without any downtime. The symmetric speed will enable fast download and upload of large files.

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