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Since Blizzard Entertainment opened the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic Pre-Patch to players, during this time, most fans should have awakened their memories of the past WOTLK, but for the sake of safety, also in order to welcome WoW WOTLK Classic on September 27th, 2022 with a grand attitude, it is best for players to revisit what we have experienced during this period before officially playing WOTLK Classic.

A New Profession Called Inscription

While accumulating materials for the new profession, called Inscription, players can discover that since Enchants are lighter, Inciptionists have the ability to craft Darkmoon Cards into items that can be bound to equipment.

At the same time, Herbalism will be the richest character in the auction house as herbs are essential to the inscription. Ink can be crafted from herbs, and paper and other materials can be bought with WOTLK Classic Gold directly. Alchemists need herbs, while other characters like Tailoring or Enchanting can use the Herbology position to stay ahead of the game.

Early Access to Death Knights

Unlike in 2008, players need to experience the new profession after the expansion is officially opened. Today’s players can get Death Knights during the Pre-Patch, and also can experience the fun of Northrend as they level up.

Changes to the Death Knights storyline will not be repeated nor will they have any effect on the main plot. The second awakening can still be triggered when Arthas leaves Death Knights, but the timeline of the story was pushed back to a few weeks ago.

Fresh Start Realms

The Fresh Start Realms is a server exclusive to classic, which can bring players a more realistic experience.

Unlike other servers that allow certain privileges, players are not allowed to change roles and level up when logging into the Fresh Start Realms server and this situation needs to last for several months. Also, the rules are very strict, players need to have toon of level 55 only on the same server to upgrade Death Knights.

Joyous Journeys

Joyous Journeys is a great option for players who want to experience new characters in the Expension Relay but want to keep their data on their own servers, and has been active in every Classic: WoW realm since June 21st.

This is suitable for players who pursue experience improvement, but it is not recommended for players who want a real experience. You can choose to turn this option on or off when communicating with any innkeeper to customize their own grind.

Zombie Plague

The development of this story originated in the Corrupted Blood Incident of 2005. In fact, the content of the story is also different. New Zombie Plague is an intentional design by the developers, while the original Zombie Plague was caused by pets which accidentally infected with the deadly Hakkar bacteria in the raid and infected with the people of Azeroth.

Zombie Plague is actually a continuation of the same story Fans of Warcraft III, so that Fans of Warcraft III will not forget the historical events of the previous version. The Scourge will attack Azeroth again, and players will need to team up to chase Lich King and get back to Northrend.

Scourge Invasion

Compared to Zombie Plague, in Scourge Invasion, players need to team up to defeat the floating citadels that return with malevolent crystals. However, different servers also bring two different gameplay experience, one for intense PvP events and the other one for fun cross-faction role-playing.

When the tribe and the alliance cooperate, the natural disaster invasion event will be triggered. If the challenge is successful, you can get plentiful rewards, including equipment and accessories. It is worth noting that this is also one of the ways to get to Northrend .

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