One of the most popular innovations of the last few years are standing desks. People are giving it so much attention that it has to be discussed.

Standard desks are popular because they have many benefits. It provides you with a better posture, better work efficiency, and a happier mood. It is also said that standing desks tend to reveal physical and mental stress.

Standing desks are nothing but a desk that allows you to stand and work. Due to its popularity, it has been constantly updated, and one can find a desk to suit their needs easily.

The options available in the market can confuse anyone, and one can buy a desk that doesn’t solve the purpose for them. To save you from that and to help you buy a perfect standing desk for you, here is the complete information about different types of standing desks and their usability-


A basic desk with a chair is a perfect setup. It allows you to sit and work with comfort. So why do people are going crazy over the standing desks? The answer if the health benefits it provides. Standing desks can provide numerous health benefits. But, everyone doesn’t need a standing desk. You only need a standing desk when you-

  • Work on the desk for prolonged hours not stop.
  • You have started facing lower back pain.
  • You often feel monotonous with your work environment after a few hours of work.
  • You think your posture is getting affected due to prolonged sitting sessions.
  • You like to switch between standing and sitting while working.
  • You start feeling discomfort around your pelvic area after working for a few hours.


Here is a list of standings desks according to their functionality-

Static Standing Desk

These are the most basic standing desks. These are just similar to a standard desk having longer legs. On this desk, you can only work while standing. These days are not suitable for sitting and hence can become an issue if you want to shift between standing and sitting down. It can also be problematic for people having height below or above average.

Due to these issues, this type of standing desk is best only if you DIY it according to your height. It is also not for people who work for a prolonged period.

Adjustable Mechanical Standing Desk

Popularly known as “Set it and forget it”, these standing desks only requires you to adjust them once. Once you set the desk, you do not want to change the height as it involves a lot of effort. While it solved people of different sizes, it does not allow you to sit while working. You can not stand the entire day, and keeping an extra desk for sitting is just not worth it. People used to choose this type of standing desk earlier than the basic one, but now other options are available, and hence, these are losing their popularity.

Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Also known as an electric standing desk, consumers most like these desks. It allows you to adjust the height of the desk with just a button that applies an electric push to the desk. These desks are very flexible and give you a smooth experience while working on it. These desks allow you to switch between standing and sitting, providing you with maximum comfort while you work.

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

These standing desks were made to provide a cheaper option. Instead of buying the entire desk, you can buy these adjustable standing desk converters. These converters can be installed on your existing desk or the flat top of your desk. It saves you a lot of money and provides you with the comfort of a standing desk. It is installed on the top of your desk, providing you extra height to work while standing. When you want to sit, you can easily remove the converter. The process is easy and smooth to work with.


You can choose between a  basic rectangular shape and an L-shaped standing desk according to your need and corner. Usually, L shaped standing desks provide you with a larger space to work on and are used by people who need to use multiple devices while working. The rectangular standing desk is a typical desk that can fit in any space of the house.


Standing desks have many health benefits, and it is essential to choose a standing desk according to your comfort. The desk can give you many physical and mental health benefits. It improves your work efficiency and keeps you in a good mood. So, choose your standing desk according to your need and start working with your maximum capacity.

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