A Buyer’s Guide to the Kids Burn Foundation

The Children’s Burn Foundation is an American nonprofit organization established in 1985 for the purpose of helping children who have been critically injured from childhood on up. It is located in Sherman Oaks, California. It is a not-for-profit agency that provides monetary assistance to families who are victims of child abuse. The term “child abuse” is used here to denote an act of violence perpetrated upon a child by a parent, guardian, or anyone in the family. It is estimated that nearly one million children in the United States are abused each year. The majority of these instances occur in the home and can result in severe emotional and physical injury.
The foundation helps children heal both physically and emotionally after being harmed. In many cases, the child has already lost a significant amount of physical strength and this makes healing difficult. Once a child is severely injured, his or her emotional and mental abilities have been greatly affected. There is no greater motivator than the love of a family member to help a child heal – and the Children’s Burn Foundation was designed to provide that loving support.

The Children's Burn Foundation

To be able to support their cause, the foundation works with local and national organizations to coordinate programs that benefit children. There are also a number of specialty programs that allow children to participate in special projects that focus on their unique needs. One such project focuses on the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy and pediatric rehabilitation therapy. In addition to these specialty programs, the foundation supports a number of community programs as well.

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Through these programs, children are provided with the help they need to survive and function well as adults. In some cases, the foundation may even provide therapy for children who are abused and neglected. The goal of the foundation is to ensure children have positive experiences both during their growing years and when they enter adulthood.

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The Children’s Burn Foundation uses a nationwide network of care providers and professionals to help provide children with the support they need. The program provides funding for qualified children, allowing them to pursue their dreams. In addition to providing money, the foundation helps in other ways. It sponsors charitable events, conducts research and supports educational and therapeutic endeavors.

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In some areas, the organization partners with hospitals and other medical facilities to help children heal. In some instances, the foundation contributes to or holds events to raise funds for the specific hospital or care unit in which the child is staying. These programs are designed to raise awareness and funds for the facility. In addition, the foundation may directly donate funds to the children’s care unit. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis to ensure the best treatment possible.

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A portion of every purchase made by a child from a local Children’s Burn Foundation store also benefits the cause. In addition, a portion of each ticket sold contributes to the charity. The money generated by the tickets helps to pay the cost of conducting the research and other programs. In addition to the ticket fund, ticket sales benefit the children directly. Each kid who sells a ticket receives a gift.

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You can make a difference by purchasing products that promote and support the mission of the foundation. If you know someone who lives in your community, why not stop by the store and give them a look around? Children in your community are often those most vulnerable. They need all the support they can get. When you shop at a Kids Burn Foundation store and purchase items that you know will help the children and the cause, you will be spreading awareness far beyond your immediate community. Not only are you doing your part for children in your area, but you are doing your part for children in other communities as well.

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