A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Boxing Shoes for Novices

Purchasing equipment and gear for any activity may be difficult and expensive, especially when you’re starting out. If you’re not serious about boxing and are just trying it out for fun, you can definitely get away with any nice pair of sports shoes.

However, if you decide to take the sport more seriously and begin sparring, investing in some high-quality boxing boots, such as those advised by Probellum Boxing, can help you improve your footwork.

Boxing boots can help you move with total control since they are designed to give mobility, support, and efficient foot speed. Furthermore, while boxing gloves are the most important piece of boxing equipment, the shoes you wear come in a close second.

Selecting your footwear

There are thousands of different types of women’s and men’s boxing boots on the market, but not all of them are made equal. Here is a list of characteristics to check before settling on a pair.

1. Breathability

A good boxing shoe should be lightweight and breathable, enabling heat and moisture to escape. To keep your feet cool and dry, look for shoes with mesh or additional ventilation holes in the shoe’s structure. A better-ventilated shoe will also dry out faster, which is especially important if you have sweaty feet or work out in warmer areas.

2. Weight

Boxers must be light on their feet in the ring, which is why boxing shoes are often lighter than sports shoes. Lightweight fabrics vary, but lightweight leather or suede are ideal choices.

3. Ankle Support

Protecting your ankles is vital in boxing, as it is in any activity that requires bouncing and jumping with fast, pivoting motions.Boxing boots are offered in three distinct heights; high tops, mid-tops, and low tops.

  • High tops

Many professional boxers and competitors prefer high-top boxing shoes for optimum support since they firmly cushion the ankle and give superior stability. They generally reach the mid-calf region. High tops will provide the best protection if you have a history of ankle problems or are prone to them.

  • Mid tops

Mid tops typically sit two to three inches above your ankles, depending on the type, and are the most popular since they provide a little more movement than high tops but more support than low tops.

  • Low tops

Low tops, like running shoes, sit just below the ankle. Because these shoes provide less ankle support, they are best suited for strength and conditioning or recreational boxing and should not be worn for sparring.

Aside from ankle support, the significant difference in shoe height boils down to mobility and weight. Lower top shoes allow for more flexibility and are lighter, while high top shoes provide more support.

4. Width and comfort

Boxing shoes are designed to aid a boxer’s performance rather than hinder it. Don’t buy boxing boots if they don’t feel comfy the instant you try them on!

When trying on shoes, take your time and really walk around to get some movement into the step. If you have friends at the gym, ask if you may put on their shoes to get a sense of the comfort, material, and support. The form and size of your foot will determine how comfortable you are. Some brands will be broader, while others will be narrower.Boxing shoes should have a tight fit but yet allow for adequate movement without creating blisters.

5. Sole thickness and texture

There is a vast selection of sole thickness and textures to consider when it comes to boxing boots. The texture is determined by whether you like greater pivotal mobility or a tighter grip behind your motions. A smooth texture is intended for better turning, while others are intended for greater grip.

The arch of your foot primarily determines the sole height. If you have high arches in your feet, a more cushioned sole may give more comfort and raise your foot higher off the ground. If you have flat feet or lower arches, you may choose a shoe with less padding on the heel to make you feel more grounded. Thinner soles provide better grip and control, but they may also cause your feet to fatigue faster.

The Advantages of Boxing Boots

1. Movement

Boxing shoes are made to allow you to glide smoothly around the ring, but regular training shoes will grip the canvas too tightly, making your motions slower and more laborious.

2. Support

Boxing shoes come in several styles, such as high-top, mid-top, and low-top. The high-top variant gives greater ankle and lower shin support and protection. You can wear any type you choose, although most boxers prefer the low-top version for workouts since it allows for more movement.

3. Comfort

Boxing shoes are particularly developed for the activity, and they provide optimum comfort after you break them in and become accustomed to wearing them.

4. Lightweight

Boxing shoes are lighter than many sports shoes, allowing fighters to move more lightly on their feet and change direction and stance more frequently – a crucial aspect of boxing. Boxing boots should feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all and are often composed of a light material like leather or suede.

5. Breathability

Boxing boots’ permeable material allows perspiration to escape from the feet, keeping feet fresh, cooler, and drier in the ring. To improve ventilation, some boots include a heat regulating mesh window built into the shoe.

6. Stylish

Some of the best boxing sneakers are really fashionable. These shoes not only assist you to be the part, but they also help you look the part, and having the right gear reinforces your desire to develop in the activity.

7. Flat feet

Most boxing boots have flat bottoms with no traction to allow you to move freely, pivot on the soles of your feet, form some angles and look for punching holes.

8. Robust

Boxing shoes are specially intended to be highly sturdy and are most likely made of suede or genuine leather.

In summary, wearing boxing shoes will allow you to:

  • Improve your speed
  • Improve your stability
  • Generate more power
  • Maximize your comfort
  • Provide greater ankle support
  • Provide long-term durability
  • Improve performance


When you first start out, a nice pair of boxing shoes are not required, but you may want to consider them in the future. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable, with improved grip, durability, and ankle support. They may significantly enhance your training and boxing in and out of the ring while also lowering your risk of injury.

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