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6 Signs You Should Call a Pest Control Company

Pest Control Company

Do you need to call a Power Pest Control company? Unless you are investing in regular pest control, chances are, you might have a few uninvited guests in your home.

Pests can be dangerous; they can cause allergic reactions, damage your home, and even carry diseases. For these reasons, investing in pest control is a great way to keep you and your home safe.

Fortunately, knowing if you need pest control doesn’t have to be a complicated task. By looking for a few common signs, you will know when you need to call in a professional.

If you are wondering if you need pest control, here are several signs that you do.

1. Signs of Nesting

A common sign you need to hire a pest control company is if you see signs of nesting. This includes collections of leaves, grass, fabrics, wood shavings, and paper. Nesting can be a sign of a mouse infestation or other rodents.

2. Oil and Dirt Tracks

One sign you need to search for “pest control company near me” is if you see oil and dirt tracks. When pests move around your home, they leave trails of oil, dust, and grit. If you have a layer of grime on your walls and floors, regardless of how much you clean, you need to hire a pest control company.

3. Unexplained Sounds

If you hear unexplained sounds, consider scheduling a pest removal. This can include scratching, scurrying, squeaking, chewing, flying, buzzing, and more. These are the sounds of pests moving around your home.

4. Wood Damage

A common sign you should call pest control is if you notice wood damage. This can be crumbling baseboards, chewed furniture, and even damage to your firewood pile. While wood damage can be a sign of termites or carpenter ants, it can also be a sign of rodents finding materials to build their nests.

5. Bites

Perhaps the most common sign you need pest control service is if you or your family member have bites. This can happen during your sleep or, depending on the severity of your problem, while you are awake. Make sure to check your pets for bites as well.

6. Strange Smells

Are you noticing strange smells in your home? You might notice sweet, musty, or oily smells that have no explanation. This can be caused by the urine and feces of common household pests.

These Are the Signs You Need To Call a Pest Control Company

If you are wondering if you need to hire a pest control company, these are the signs that you do.

You need pest control if you notice signs of nesting or oil and dirt tracks around your home. You might also hear unexplained sounds, see wood damage, or have bites on your skin. If you notice strange smells or see pests crawling in your home, you likely need a professional.

If you notice any of these signs, invest in pest control as soon as possible.

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