5 Tips to be the Best Student

We all have been there, right? We all have always wanted to be our teacher’s favorite but end up getting scolded by them and only four-five people get to be the teacher’s favorite. And then, we start giving bad names like ‘teacher’s tail’, etc to these few students out of jealousy. Well, this is totally natural, bad, but natural because, in the end, we all want to be our teacher’s favorite, we all want to be noticed by the teachers, we all want to be appreciated by the teachers. Although each student matters equally for the teacher, there must be something that could make us our teacher’s favorite right? Online teaching has come as a miracle in disguise for the students as it gives the students freedom to express themselves better than generally seems difficult to them, so the students can try even better to be the best students that their teachers deserve. Let’s know more about it.

  • SHOW UP TO THE CLASS DAILY- First things first, whether the teacher decides to teach online or offline they do expect their students to show up to the class. And showing up doesn’t mean only the physical presence in the class, but being mentally present matters too. For any interaction or communication to happen, the primary need is the presence of two parties. Thus, make attending classes a part of your to-do list, in fact, prioritize it. This will not only help your teacher notice you but might also show a hike in your grades.
  • BE PUNCTUAL WITH HOMEWORK AND DEADLINES- Imagine asking your mom for serving you food at 8 pm and then getting it served at 10 in the night, wouldn’t you be upset? Well, for sure you will be! Will, you still be surprised when your teacher gets upset with you after your late submissions, I hope no! On-time submissions are the way to make a direct entry to the teacher’s good books. So, remember the next time your teacher gives you an assignment or task to complete, do it before the deadline. This will surely increase your chances of being their favorite.
  • ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE CLASS- No teacher loves to only lecture the students, in fact, their motive is to make the concepts and facts clear and understandable to you. Their actions and reactions may sometimes seem harsh to you while they scold, but have you ever given the reasons for their reaction a thought? There might be a plethora of reasons behind their behavior, your non-participation may be the major one. When teachers teach, they expect the students to raise questions, clear doubts, or at least nod as a sign of understanding. These are the little ways of being an active participant in the class.
  • DISCIPLINE IS THE KEY- Imagine showing up in your school uniform at a friend’s birthday party or maybe laughing loudly at a funeral, how insensitive and weird it that. But why? Because every institution and setup has its own code of conduct, some understandable common rules, and some expectations. When you behave within these boundaries, you are well appreciated but when these limits and boundaries are crossed, they don’t really leave a great impression of your personality. So, being disciplined when in a formal setup like school or class may be an add-on to your good stars.
  • APPRECIATE A LITTLE- Last but not least, a little appreciation never harmed anybody, in fact, appreciation enhances the performance quality of a person and boosts their confidence. Your teachers are no machines and they have emotions too, we are not asking you to keep buttering them, but appreciating them when you genuinely think they taught good or helped you in any way, you should move ahead and appreciate them. It will not only give the teachers a new zeal but will also give you a feeling of being a good human.Visit here: SattaMatka

All the five tips we gave you are practical suggestions and approaches and will surely not land up into trouble if followed well. Remember to be respectful towards your teachers throughout for there is nothing more graceful than being respectful. Try implementing these 5 easy tips and thank us later. Happy learning!

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