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5 Tips for You to Get Top Dollar for Your Green Bay, WI Real Estate

Selling a home doesn’t have to be stressful. When you work with the right team, moving is a fun and exciting time. If you’re overwhelmed with everything going on with the real estate market today, we’ve got you covered.

From choosing a relator to tips for making your home show better, here’s your go-to guide to getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. Let’s get your home sold.

1. Enlist the Help of a Professional

One of the best things you can do to help your home sell is to choose a realtor you can trust. Selling a house by owner can be confusing and stressful. You need a local expert from Dallairerealty.com to take the stress off your shoulders.

Professional realtors know the market, the different schools, and everything in between. We’ll help vet serious buyers, saving you time and money.

2. Understanding the Real Estate Market

Every area and street is unique. A local realtor understands the Green Bay real estate market and what’s for sale around you. Realtors know how to list your home and for what price.

One of the main reasons a house doesn’t sell is because it’s priced incorrectly. Pricing a home too high could mean it sits on the market for longer than you’d like. This is where a realtor comes in with a professional price strategy.

3. Make Repairs

To sell your home, there’s no need to flip and fix everything. There are, however, a few small changes you can make to help your home sell faster. Broken lights or fixtures, for example, are inexpensive repairs that go a long way with buyers.

Let’s say you have a beautiful newer home with a few beat-up places from kids or pets. Making those small repairs will help your home sell faster and for more money. If there are easy repairs you can make yourself or with a professional, take the time to make them.

4. Get Your Home Ready to Show

When you’re selling your home, there are few easy things you can do to help it show better. These will also save you a lot of stress and hassle when it’s time to move. To start, go through and purge anything you aren’t using anymore.

As you go through your home, toss any trash and donate anything in good condition. Most of your personal items, you can start to pack and store away, so your home is clean and clutter-free for showings. This will also give you a jump start on moving.

5. Small Updates Can Go a Long Way

Making small updates can go a long way in terms of selling your home faster. A fresh coat of paint, deep cleaning, and minor updates will make a big difference.

Consider changing light fixtures and handles, for example, as a quick and inexpensive update. Even just new paint will help make your home appear more updated and neutral.

Let’s Get Your Green Bay, WI Real Estate Sold

It’s time to get your home sold quickly. Making a few small changes will help get your home to sell faster and for more money. For more real estate and home, tips check out the lifestyle section.

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