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5 foods that aggravate gastritis

If you suffer from gastritis, you might have noticed that your symptoms worsen with some foods, while others soothe your stomach. As any expert Gastroenterologist in Lahore would tell you, gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining and when any exogenous irritant is consumed by the patient, it ends up flaring this condition and causing discomfort to the patient. 

Read on to know more about gastritis and the 5 foods that aggravate gastritis. 

1. Acidic foods 

Excessively acidic food is a big no-no when it comes to gastritis. Despite the fact that the stomach itself produces hydrochloric acid, during active gastritis, this excessive acid ends up causing further inflammation and irritation to the gastric lining. Even seemingly innocuous foods like fruit juices and citrus fruits, are bad for an acute episode. 

Highly acidic foods also include beverages like tea and coffee. The antioxidant rich tomato is also considered acidic, and not recommended for people with gastritis. Cola is another beverage that is the worst offender in the gastritis-aggravating category. Cola is rich in sugar and is highly acidic, therefore, it is one of the unhealthiest options for a gastritis patient. Another commonly overlooked beverage is sparkling water with its high carbon dioxide content that turns into carbonic acid and irritates the gastric lining. 

2. Alcoholic beverages

High intake of any form of alcohol contributes to inflammation, thereby aggravating gastritis. Another form by which alcohol makes gastritis worse is by erosion of the stomach lining. Excessive consumption of alcohol is the leading cause of gastritis. This is because the stomach lining does not get the chance to recover after a bout of drinking. If continued, gastritis can turn into peptic ulcer disease or other more serious conditions. 

3. Fried and fatty food

Research has shown link between the cholesterol in the fried fatty food and gastritis. In fact, consumption of fried fatty food could be rare scenario of food being the causative factor behind gastritis. For people who already have gastritis, the condition can worsen with fried food.  

Some forms of fried fast food contain artificial flavorings and preservatives that further irritate the stomach lining. Similarly, processed meat is rich in monosodium glutamate that leads to gastritis and other stomach disorders. In fact, processed meat is one of the leading causes of gastric cancer. 

4. Spicy food

Seasonings like wasabi, mustard, and hot peppers make the food delicious—but add fuel to an already fiery stomach lining. People with gastritis report instant pain on eating spicy food. In particular, if spicy food is eaten with alcoholic beverages, the damage is two-fold. 

However, not all spices are bad. Some seasonings like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon not only add flavor to the foods but also combat harmful bacteria in the gut. Thus, people who suffer from gastritis don’t have to suffer more by eating bland food; they can simply replace hot spices with the beneficial ones. 

5. Dairy products

Full fat dairy products can end up irritating the stomach lining. In this scenario, low-fat dairy foods like yogurt, cheese and milk can be consumed. For anyone suffering from gastritis, if they have discomfort due to dairy, they should not give up dairy, but rather shift to the low-fat option. The best option is to look for pro-biotic rich, low-fat dairy options. If consumed in small portions, even hard cheeses are also tolerable. When making eggs, avoid using seasonings like pepper, and making them in butter. 

Apart from eating the right food, it’s important to eat the food at the right time. Along with dietary modification, you may need pharmacological therapy as advised by Best Gastroenterologist in Islamabad.

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